Best Party Hostels in San Francisco

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in San Francisco, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

San Francisco has become an incredibly multiculturally diverse city, with people coming from all over the world coming to work in some of the biggest and most influential companies in the world. Its nightlife is vibrant, diverse and inclusive. Travelling solo or in group, if you are looking for hostels where you can meet like-minded people looking to have fun in San Francisco these hostels are the place to go! Friendly staff, fun atmosphere and plenty of organised activities to encourage guest socialising. Book now and prepare to unleash the fun in San Francisco

Our Choice of Best Party Hostels in San Francisco

Green Tortoise Hostel

Nestled in the heart of vibrant San Francisco, Green Tortoise Hostel beckons young travellers seeking an unparalleled party experience. This family-owned gem is a haven for adventure enthusiasts and solo travellers alike, promising an authentic and all-embracing atmosphere that guarantees unforgettable memories.

A social traveller's dream, Green Tortoise boasts a sprawling common room that buzzes with activity. From pool tables to ping pong, musical instruments to a stereo, this hub of entertainment ignites connections and fosters a lively camaraderie among like-minded wanderers.

What truly sets Green Tortoise apart is its extensive selection of complimentary offerings. Begin your day with a hearty breakfast featuring bagels, fresh fruit, organic porridge, and more. The excitement continues with organised dinner escapades and a rejuvenating sauna for unwinding.

Situated in historic North Beach, Green Tortoise offers easy access to San Francisco's iconic spots. From Chinatown to Fisherman's Wharf, the city is at your doorstep. Yet, the real magic unfolds during nightly events like the Pub Crawl and Beer Olympics, where celebration knows no bounds.

Guest Reviews Overview

Green Tortoise Hostel has the party vibe down to an art, leaving guests raving about their experiences. Amidst the occasional street beat that adds to the excitement, visitors relish in the vibrant atmosphere. Female travellers feel secure and at ease. Cleanliness is a hit, with spotless rooms and bathrooms garnering praise. Broadway Street's endless entertainment options and the electric nightlife on Saturdays contribute to the hostel's allure. While some find the beds a tad creaky, the overall impression is one of delight, with comfort and camaraderie in the spotlight. The occasional night of revelry or street spectacle only adds to the immersive party experience that keeps guests coming back for more.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Lively common room with pool, ping pong, and musical instruments
  • Abundant free amenities, including a hearty breakfast
  • Unforgettable nightly events like the Pub Crawl and Beer Olympics
  • Prime location near San Francisco's iconic attractions

Music City Hotel

Calling all music aficionados and party enthusiasts: Music City Hotel is your undeniable destination for an electrifying experience in San Francisco. This boutique lifestyle hotel & hostel isn't just a place to rest your head – it's a pulsating epicentre of local music culture, proudly showcasing the San Francisco Music Hall of Fame.

What truly elevates Music City Hotel is its one-of-a-kind music-centric atmosphere. As the sole music-themed establishment in San Francisco, this venue invites guests to jam with local talent in rehearsal studios, belt out hits in karaoke rooms, and revel in live music performances that unfold in unprecedented ways. The main stage seamlessly transitions into a bustling bar and restaurant area, while the basement stages create an intimate space for unforgettable shows.

Situated in the vibrant Polk Gulch neighbourhood, Music City Hotel ensures easy access to an array of dining, drinking, and entertainment options. Iconic attractions and renowned neighbourhoods are mere steps away, making it an ideal launchpad for exploring the vibrant soul of San Francisco.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests can't stop singing praises about Music City Hotel, and it's easy to see why this spot is a hit with partygoers. The ultra-cool capsule-style accommodations have visitors raving, with prime placement on the first floor and a design that amps up the party atmosphere. The staff's rockstar-worthy service ensures your stay is always on beat, with a friendly and helpful demeanour that hits all the right notes. From the comfy beds to the clever pod concept that replaces traditional bunks, guests are immersed in comfort and style. The convenience of in-room kitchens and the harmonious blend of cleanliness and privacy elevate the experience. It's no surprise that this hostel has earned its spot as the ultimate value-packed party haven in San Francisco, leaving guests raring for encore stays.

Party hostel highlights:

  • A unique music-themed experience with rehearsal studios and karaoke rooms
  • Live music performances that ignite the stage
  • Lively bar and restaurant area connected to the main stage
  • Intimate basement stages for unforgettable performances
  • Prime location near iconic attractions and neighbourhoods

HI San Francisco – Downtown

For budget-conscious travellers in pursuit of an unforgettable party escapade, HI San Francisco – Downtown emerges as the undeniable choice. Renowned as San Francisco's Most Popular Hostel for successive years, this secure haven promises an exhilarating experience without breaking the bank. Situated perfectly amidst the city's beating heart, guests are treated to a vibrant atmosphere and unbeatable amenities at wallet-friendly rates. The hostel's prime location near cable cars, Chinatown, Museum Row, Union Square, and a plethora of entertainment hotspots offers a direct gateway to the city's lively nocturnal scene.

HI San Francisco – Downtown takes the party a step further by delivering an array of complimentary or affordable organised activities. From spirited pub crawls to immersive walking tours of the Mission District and Chinatown, and even exhilarating bike rides across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge – every moment is a celebration waiting to happen. With nearby attractions like Yerba Buena Gardens, Union Square, and North Beach accessible by foot or cable car, the party never stops.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests can't get enough of the lively atmosphere and vibrant spirit at HI San Francisco – Downtown. From quirky charm to sparkling cleanliness, this hostel has captured hearts. The unexpected bonus of a complimentary breakfast adds a bright note to the mornings, setting the tone for a day of adventure. The staff's friendly and helpful demeanour resonates with every guest, creating a warm and welcoming vibe. With comfortable rooms, a lounge area, and a location that pulses with the heartbeat of downtown San Francisco, this hostel strikes the ideal balance between lively and peaceful. Affordable, secure, and filled with comfort, HI San Francisco – Downtown is a harmonious haven for party-loving travellers.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Awarded San Francisco's Most Popular Hostel
  • Convenient access to lively nightlife spots and attractions
  • Array of free and affordable organised activities, including pub crawls and bike trips
  • The ultimate budget-friendly party experience in the heart of San Francisco

What are the Party Hostels in San Francisco like?

San Francisco only has a true party hostel, the Green Tortoise Hostel. But in a city like San Francisco, you know the fun is out there, so you don’t need a crazy party hostel to have fun. We offer you here another two cool hostels with a really social and friendly atmosphere, and where many solo backpackers hang out and get to know each other before going out to party. All the 3 handpicked hostels on the list offer also regular activities like tours, pub crawls and nights out to make sure guests have a good time and get to discover the incredible nightlife that San Francisco has to offer.

  • Best Hostels in San Francisco for partying: Green Tortoise Hostel San Francisco
  • Best hostels in San Francisco for solo travellers: HI San Francisco Downtown Hostel
  • Party hostel style: Party hostel
  • Hostel craziness level: Fairly crazy
  • Parties on-site: Party onsite
  • Hostel organised Pub Crawls: Yes

Best Area To Stay in San Francisco for Nightlife

If you are a party lover then you better visit the North Beach. The area is only minutes away from Chinatown and Little Italy. It’s the perfect area to go wild and enjoy the city’s nightlife at cool bars, pubs, and clubs or even have a relaxing night at little unique lounges with live music performances. It is also where San Francisco’s party hostel is located!

Best Party hostel in North Beach: Green Tortoise Hostel San Francisco

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San Francisco Party Guide

In a huge city such as San Francisco you should expect both wild parties and laid-back nights at the city’s elegant lounges.

There are several party areas and neighbourhoods. The most famous ones for party lovers are North Beach, Mission and Downtown.

Basic information about nightlife in San Francisco:

  • Pubs and clubs closing times:
    • Bars and pubs: Monday to Thursday until 00:00 am – Weekends at 02:00 am
    • Clubs: Monday to Thursday until 02:00 am – Weekends at 03:00 am
  • Average cover charge for clubs: from 20€ to 30€ (not incl. drink)
  • Average price of a pint of beer: 7€
  • Famous neighbourhoods for partying: North Beach, Mission, Downtown
  • Famous events or parties: Chinese New Year's Parade (February), Pride Parade (June), Outside Lands - music festival (August)

San Francisco Nightlife Areas

As you can expect from a city as big as San Francisco, there are several party areas around the city. We can recommend you the three busiest and most famous for both tourists and locals. North Beach is one of the busiest, diverse and sophisticated areas of San Francisco with lively bars, pubs, and clubs. Mission is an area of vibrant colours and hipster vibes with spectacular live music clubs, craft cocktail lounges, pubs, and dive bars. Downtown is part of the financial district of San Francisco, and the stunning skyscrapers give an alternative vibe to the night scene of the city.

North Beach Nightlife

North Beach has several famous districts with unique nightlife experiences. Broadway is the most popular nightclub district of the area with blues clubs, strip clubs, nightclubs and jazz clubs. To relax and enjoy live music visit one of the prestigious bars at Grant Avenue.

    Most famous bars in the area

  • Comstock Saloon is a vintage bar with live jazz music every night. It is the best choice for an elegant night and classic cocktails.
  • Vesuvio Cafe is one of the best destinations for both locals and tourists and serves affordable drinks. The artistic decor of the cafe and Beat-era memorabilia is another plus for visitors.


Mission is the best area for hardcore party lovers. Valencia Street is the largest party zone in the entire city with eclectic live-music bars, pubs, and dance nightclubs.

    Most famous bars in the area.

  • Double Dutch is the perfect place for dancing all night, cheap drinks and meeting new people while bar hopping.
  • Public Works is a club for people by people. It arranges its events according to the people’s needs and has from disco nights to punk to yoga nights. So before going better check what’s in it for the night.


Downtown is the perfect area for rooftop bars. Union Square is your choice if you love dancing all night in nightclubs.

    Most famous bars in the area.

  • Biscuits and Blues is a cosy bar offering southern style food and blues venues.
  • Cityscape Lounge has excellent panoramic views of the city with delicious cocktails and finger food.

Dress code & age restriction for bars and clubs in San Francisco

The city of San Francisco, like most on the West Coast, is one of the more laid-back cities of the USA. So, there isn’t a particular dress code for nightlife. Dress up however you like and have the best time of your life.

On the other hand, it is a well-known fact that in the USA alcohol consumption is only allowed if you are 21 and up. If you are below the age of 21, you are allowed to enter bars and pubs that serve food, but you can’t sit at the bar or drink alcohol.