General terms and conditions of the website

Access to and use of the site of this website implies acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed below, as well as the policy of website privacy. Both texts expose as clearly as possible the conditions that will govern the services we offer. Therefore, recommends a careful reading of them, and their legal links and not provide personal data on the website in case of having any type of doubt.

1. About the websites

SHUTTLE99 is a company that provides information services to consumers through different brands and domains:

  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of financial services and products.
  •, in the field of tourism services and products.
  •, in the field of tourism services and products.

The names of the domains belong to the company SHUTTLE99 OÜ, (hereinafter "SHUTTLE99") with registration number 14247767 and registered office at Sepapaja 6, 15551 Tallinn, Estonia.

Address: Sepapaja 6 - 15551 Tallinn, Estonia
Telephone: +34 958 99 38 07
E-mail contact:

All websites are intended to facilitate decision-making in the scope of certain products, being able to offer different available options, services provided by third parties, and serve as a guide to understand which one best suits your needs. The contents and general information about the products will be provided directly by SHUTTLE99, by third-party users of the websites and / or third-party service providers and contents.

The websites collect proposals from third parties, including but not limited to: personal loans, online advances, Credit cards, Bank accounts, mortgages, debit cards, help services for those reported to delinquency lists, credit comparison services, credit intermediation services, debt relief or relief services, insurance, Pawnshops, reservation of hostels, reservation of hotels and other tourist accommodation, reservation of tourist activities, and other financial and tourist services. SHUTTLE99 does not provide financial services or any other kind of services on its behalf. previously listed.

In all cases, it will be up to the User to use said information correctly and for the interests that the User considers appropriate by giving full compliance with those established in the applicable conditions.

2. Informational purposes of the website

The websites are created for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer to use the products or services mentioned on this Website. SHUTTLE99 does not assume no responsibility for the user's decisions, made based on in the information presented on this Website. Also, we do not We are responsible for any damage that may be caused by the use of the information displayed on this Website. In this sense, the information and opinions contained in the SHUTTLE99 sites do not represent a request or offer of sale or acquisition of products (financial, tourist or other) of any kind. Neither represent a recommendation or offer of advice about such products.

3. Rules of use of the website and services.

Access to the Website is free for the User and does not require your prior subscription or registration. However, the use of Some Services provided through the Website may only be carried out by subscription, registration or contracting by the User. Provision of These Services will also be subject to the Particular Conditions that establish SHUTTLE99 (which must be accepted prior to the provision of Services) and, on some occasions, the payment of a price for the Services received.

Through the Website, SHUTTLE99 provides the User with access and the use of various Services, content and general information the which will be provided directly by SHUTTLE99, by third party users of the Site Web and / or third-party service and content providers, so It will be up to the User to use said information correctly and for interests that the User considers appropriate in full compliance with the established in the applicable conditions.

The User agrees at all times to use the Website in accordance with these General Conditions and with current legislation. For modify their data or their access profile, the User must use the update tools established on the Website. In particular, and to An illustrative but not limiting title, the User must NOT in relation to the Website:

  • Register or communicate data that is not true, exact, complete and / or updated.
  • Access the Website using the name or password of another User or impersonate any person or identity.
  • Use the Website for uses other than personal use and private and for the mere private and personal access to the information offered by SHUTTLE99.
  • Restrict or prevent any other User from using and enjoying of the Website.
  • Send or disseminate information, codes or content that may reduce, impair, disrupt or prevent the normal use of the Website by of any User, and / or that may damage or harm the equipment or the property of SHUTTLE99, third-party providers or other Users, including, without limitation, malicious applications, viruses, logic bombs, mass sending of messages, etc. SHUTTLE99 reserves the right to delete information sent by a User, in order to maintain optimum quality of use of the Website.
  • Introduce advertising, directly or indirectly, of any type, own or of third parties on the Website or in the provision of the Services of SHUTTLE99 or send in any way commercial communications of any kind to other Users, to SHUTTLE99 or to third parties.
  • Store, download or copy personal data to the that the User could have access through the Website, except for those cases in which SHUTTLE99 expressly allows it by reason of the provision of the Services.
  • Enter content or data that could be offensive to other Users of the websites, or for any third party, or that violate the present conditions, the particular conditions of each service or any regulations that may be applicable (including regulations data protection, intellectual property, among others). Any comment must also respect minimum standards of etiquette and good manners and avoid using aggressive, derogatory, threatening, injurious or that could violate the rights of third parties.

In case SHUTTLE99 had knowledge from any through fraudulent use or contrary to the General Conditions or Individuals of the Website or the Services by the User, reserves the right to expel the user as well as to prohibit him from accessing and using the Site Web and Services, without prejudice to the legal actions that according to right may correspond (i.e. compensation for damages, etc.).

User is the only one responsible for the use made of the website that is made by from third parties from the device / s owned by the user, so you must take the appropriate measures to ensure that the use of this page by of said third parties complies with the provisions of these terms and conditions.

The user agrees not to intentionally transmit viruses or harmful material to the website any, not to use any type of software or other elements to interfere or influence the operation of the website, not to alter, try to decipher or modify it, or apply any type of engineering or technology to the software that integrates it, as well as not to reproduce the entire website or partially without the prior written consent of SHUTTLE99.

Service users

The websites are intended for users residing or established in the country, temporarily or permanent, who access it from this country having reached the majority legally established age according to its legislation: 18 (eighteen) years. By for this reason, the adequacy of the content and information offered on this website may be inappropriate or not conform to the legal requirements established for access and use of it from other countries.

In order to register on the website, the user must be over 18 (eighteen) years old and under 85 (eighty-five) years old.

4 Fundamental services

The hiring of these services is a fundamental part of the value proposition by SHUTTLE99.

4.1 Solvency report service

Through this service, the user obtains the information of the databases accessed by SHUTTLE99 by account and by user request. These databases are external to SHUTTLE99 and are usually the identified in the market as delinquent files: ASNEF, S.A. (National Association of Credit Financial Establishments), and to the Experian-BADEXCUG database.

This service in any case assumes that the user provides their personal data to the user in order to provide you with information services in accordance with: USER personal data, which will necessarily consist of:

  • Name and surname.
  • DNI number.
  • Mobile phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Postal address.
  • Date of birth.

These services must be contract on their own so that each user only and exclusively You can request this service on your own.

The user declares to know the fact that the provision of consent implies that SHUTTLE99 can consult, access and process the personal data that he could have in the DATABASE consulted by SHUTTLE99 and that said consent is legally essential for the correct provision of the service by by SHUTTLE99.

The user is knowledgeable about that, when independent third parties intervene in the provision of the service, the itself could not be completed satisfactorily, which would not affect the personal information that would have already been incorporated into the files of SHUTTLE99 for the provision of the other services contained in these general conditions.

This service is free. It is not necessary to make a payment to SHUTTLE99 for the use of this service.

4.2 Sending information to loan providers and intermediaries

Through this service, the user can share their information with different providers of loans to intermediaries. The delivery of this information will be done in a secure way and will facilitate the loan providers and the intermediaries make a decision for a loan to be granted. SHUTTLE99 does not make any decision regarding the granting of loans. SHUTTLE99 also does not tell you whether a loan has been granted or not.

To submit your information, you have to fill in all the information on the application form. The user accepts and expresses her consent for SHUTTLE99 to use their data for a loan to be granted. SHUTTLE99 may send you reminders to finish your application process on the SHUTTLE99 website or at third party websites.

SHUTTLE99 will decide whether to send your data to one or more financial services companies. SHUTTLE99 uses its own logic and algorithms to make this decision.

This service is free. It is not necessary to make a payment to SHUTTLE99 for the use of this service. Loan providers and intermediaries pay SHUTTLE99 a commission for sending applications or granting loans to users referred by SHUTTLE99.

5 Information

SHUTTLE99 guarantees both legitimacy of the sources used in the elaboration of their products of information, the procedures carried out for its creation, as well as the legality in obtaining the data, whose collection is appropriate, when thus if necessary, in compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal data. However, the user undertakes to observe the provisions of said Law, when necessary.

5.1. Use of information

All the information that is supplied by SHUTTLE99 to the USER as a result of the provision of the services listed in the previous stipulations will have the character of confidential and will be supplied for the exclusive personal, non-commercial use, of the user, based on a Use License granted by SHUTTLE99.

Consequently, the user You may not in any case disclose said information in any type of support, nor provide it to any person or persons who are not part of the corporate or labor structure of the user, or transfer, transfer, assign, sublet, sub-license, sell or perform any other act of provision of data, either free or onerous.

The user will be the only one responsible for the consequences that may arise from such actions, as well as well as the safeguarding of the Information provided, having to take the appropriate security measures to protect against access or dissemination Not allowed. The user will refrain from requesting information knowing that will be used by third parties, and to voluntarily or negligently allow third parties make such requests.

Likewise, the user assumes all civil, criminal and administrative liability that could legally derive from a fraudulent, malicious, or negligent use of the services provided by SHUTTLE99 in the scope of the provision of this service. In this sense, the user will hold harmless, and will indemnify SHUTTLE99 for any economic damage that may arise as a result of the use fraudulent, malicious, or negligent services provided by SHUTTLE99 in the scope of the provision of this service.

SHUTTLE99 reserves the right to cancel the access codes and the provision of information by the violation or breach by the user of any of the obligations of use of the information.

SHUTTLE99 reserves the right to use the information for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy.

5.2 Information exchanged with third parties

Data and personal information of the user with companies affiliated with SHUTTLE99, without prejudice that other entities may be added in the future. the data and relevant information could be transferred in the event of a change in ownership of the business or assets in our possession. The limitations and obligations that are appropriate, in order to protect the information, will be imposed on these third parties.

The institutions affiliated with SHUTTLE99 reserve the right to use the information in order to contact the user and offer different products and services that may possibly interest the user.

6. Limitation of liability

6.1 Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility of the Website

The Website is provided to the User "as is" so the access and / or use of the Website as well as the request for information and use of the Services are always carried out under the responsibility of the User and attending to the conditions that SHUTTLE99 establishes in any case. The User will keep harmless and will indemnify SHUTTLE99 from any damages or losses in which could incur with respect to any breach of these General Conditions.

The information provided by the Website has been prepared or obtained from sources considered safe, however, SHUTTLE99 cannot guarantee the reliability and correctness of the information, whether its own or provided by third parties since SHUTTLE99 does not have control over the herself. Since the information contained in the Website may be modified by financial institutions, of the conditions of market or by third parties, at any time and without prior notice, it is recommended its verification before the subscription, application or contracting of any product or service associated with such information. SHUTTLE99 I don't know takes responsibility for any discrepancies or divergences that may arise between the information in the SHUTTLE99 database and that offered by the financial entities or any third parties.

The data provided by SHUTTLE99 are recommendations, suggestions and opinions for informational purposes, which are intended to serve as a guide to the User and help him understand the financial products shown, without in no case constitute professional advice that serves as an element decisive in decision making. The determination to follow the recommendations obtained on the Website are exclusively the User, therefore SHUTTLE99 IS NOT LIABLE FOR DECISIONS MADE BASED ON SUCH INFORMATION.

Up to the maximum allowed by law, SHUTTLE99 does not accept any kind of responsibility for any loss or damage (including non-character limiting any type of direct, indirect or consequential damage or loss, loss of business, data -including those of the User-, contracts or benefits, loss or damage related to computer programs or equipment) that may arise from access or use or the inability to access or use the Website or any part of it, whatever the cause, including the inaccuracy of the information contained in the Website, the damages that may produce access to the Website by the User, including the connection problems with the Service, the communication of your data to third parties providers of certain services, among others.

Likewise, SHUTTLE99 is not responsible for the services or content of third-party collaborators that can be accessed through the Website. Likewise, SHUTTLE99 does not assume any responsibility derived from the lack of veracity, correctness or precision of the information or any other information provided by third parties through the Website (including how third parties, other participants or Users, collaborators of SHUTTLE99, among others).

6.2 Exclusion of guarantees and liability for Website maintenance

Although all necessary security measures have been taken, SHUTTLE99 does not warrant that the Software or other items, files or content of the Website do not contain any errors, that their access or use is uninterrupted, or that cannot be infected by viruses or any other element that has destructive or harmful properties, and therefore SHUTTLE99 does not accept any responsibility in this regard. In case of operations maintenance, repair, update or improvement of the Website or any of its elements SHUTTLE99 reserves the right to suspend temporarily and without prior notice, access to this Website and to the Services provided through it. However, SHUTTLE99 will make its best efforts that such operations interfere as little as possible with the provision of the Website and the Services.

6.3 Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for accessing third party websites

The Website may make available to Users links to websites belonging to third parties, in order to facilitate the search and access to information available on the Internet. The inclusion of such links does not assume that there is any kind of link or association between SHUTTLE99 and the operators of those sites. SHUTTLE99 does not previously control, approve, or owns the services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material on third-party sites. The User, therefore, must exercise extreme caution in the evaluation and use of services, information, data, files, products and any kind of existing material on third party sites.

SHUTTLE99 does not guarantee or assume any type of responsibility for the use, access or any damages caused to the User by the use of the websites or services provided by third parties and recommends consulting and reviewing the conditions of use and privacy of any websites whose links can be found on this Website prior to carrying out any request or use of the services.

The user is not authorized to link, on his own account or from third parties, your website / s to without our prior written authorization. To do this, you must contact the customer service by making arrive the timely request, which we will evaluate and resolve at our discretion. Direct ("active") links to graphic content and / or writing posted on the websites, hypertext links, deeplinks (or links deep), and the content linked by framing, by switching or by any another method.

6.4 Use of content by third parties

SHUTTLE99 does not guarantee that Users use the Website, services and contents in accordance with the law, these Conditions General and, where appropriate, the Particular Conditions that result from application, generally accepted morals and good manners and order public, or do so diligently and prudently. Therefore, it does not accept no responsibility for the conduct of the Users or the use they make the same of the information or contents of the Website.

6.5 Identity of Users

SHUTTLE99 does not control or offer any kind of guarantee on the identity of the Users, nor on the veracity, validity, completeness and / or authenticity of the data that Users provide about themselves and provide or make accessible to other Users, so it does not assume no responsibility in this regard.

6.6 User Reviews

SHUTTLE99 is not responsible for the opinions expressed by Your Users.

7. Personal data and use of cookies

To access certain services, it is necessary that The User provides certain personal information that SHUTTLE99 will be incorporated into a file of its ownership. SHUTTLE99 will give scrupulous compliance with the provisions of the applicable regulations regarding data protection and especially the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and its regulations on development.

Also, this website (as the vast majority of websites) use cookies to improve the user experience user and offer better service. These cookies (or cookies, files that allow identifying the user's equipment on our servers) are used to compile statistical data on the traffic received on the site and in each of its pages, providing information on the use of them made by users and / or visitors. The user can avoid the use of cookies appropriately configuring your web browsing tools, although this limits access possibilities, functionalities and services offered on the website.

The User can consult how SHUTTLE99 will treat the personal data and the use of cookies by accessing the Privacy Policy.

8. Intellectual property

All the contents and elements of this website, including informative and non-limiting title, texts, drawings, trademarks, names of domain, logos, graphics, animations, source codes, applications or any other items are owned by SHUTTLE99 or its licensors. his reproduction, transformation, distribution or public communication, as well as any other act of disposition is strictly prohibited, unless that you have the corresponding authorization from SHUTTLE99. The User so You only have a strictly private right of use, exclusively for the purpose of enjoying the use of this website and the Services in accordance with these General Conditions and the Particular Conditions that govern the provision of Services.

SHUTTLE99 offers the User with respect to any program or computer application ("Software"), as well as regarding the contents of the same to which you can access through this website a license for personal use and non-transferable to use the Software and the contents for the exclusive purpose of use this website and the Services, without prejudice to the fact that the Conditions Individuals establish another specific license that the User must accept and which will prevail. In any case, it is strictly prohibited copy, transformation, distribution, public communication or any other act provision or modification of the Software and the content unless otherwise has the corresponding authorization from SHUTTLE99 or its corresponding holder.

The User agrees to use the contents and elements to those who access through this website for their own use and needs, and not under no circumstances carry out a commercial, direct or indirect exploitation of the themselves. It is expressly forbidden to delete, evade or manipulate any data or identification marks of the rights of the owner of this website or of their holders incorporated into the contents. Access to content inserted in this website does not imply an authorization, on the part of SHUTTLE99, more beyond the one specifically granted in this clause.


The access and the making available of this website and the provision of other Services has an indefinite duration. SHUTTLE99, no However, it is empowered to terminate, suspend or interrupt unilaterally, at any time and without the need for prior notice, access and the making available of this website and / or the provision of any of the Services, without prejudice to what has been provided in this regard in the corresponding Particular Conditions.

SHUTTLE99 reserves the right to unilaterally modify, in any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of this website as well as to update, modify or delete the information contained in this website, the Services and the conditions required to access or use this website and its Services. The use or access to the Website or to the Services will imply the acceptance of the new conditions from the same moment they occur.

SHUTTLE99 reserves the right to review, at any time and without prior notice, on its own initiative or at the request of a third party, content transmitted, disseminated or made available to third parties by users and to prevent its transmission, dissemination or making available to third parties in the if, in his opinion, they are contrary to the provisions of these General or specific conditions that are applicable.

If any clause of these General Conditions or of the Particular Conditions was declared totally or partially null or ineffective will affect only said provision or part of it that results null or ineffective, the rest of the Conditions subsisting in everything else General.

10. Applicable law

This document and its different sections, referring to the terms and conditions of use of the site this website, are governed and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Estonia. The competence for the resolution of any dispute about the They are not exclusively vested in the Estonian courts.