Best Party Hostels in Tokyo

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Tokyo, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you.

Tokyo is an amazing city famous for Anime and beautiful temples, but the city also offers a thriving nightlife for those looking to have a good time between sight-seeing sessions. The city has one of the best party scenes in the world, with plenty of interesting and unusual spots. The biggest and most famous party neighbourhoods are Golden Gai, Omoide Yokocho, and Kabukicho. Travelling solo or in a group, the hostels we recommend here are the perfect place for those looking to meet like-minded people, with a fun atmosphere and plenty of organised activities to encourage guest socialising. Book now and prepare to unleash the fun in iconic Tokyo.

What are the Party Hostels in Tokyo like?

  • Best Party Hostels in Tokyo: Nui. Hostel & Bar Lounge; Wise Owl
  • Party hostel style: Party hostel
  • Craziness level: Fairly crazy
  • Parties on-site: Wise Owl Bar
  • Pub Crawls: Yes

Most of the party hostels in Tokyo have their own bar and organise lots of fun activities for guests. As it could not be otherwise, most of the hostels organise Karaoke nights, either on-site or going to a famous Karaoke bar. Although party hostels in Tokyo are not as crazy as in other countries like Thailand or Europe, they are always bustling with travellers sharing a drink in the on-site bars or the common areas. And there are plans to go out almost every night, so you can easily find partners in crime to hit some of the cool clubs Tokyo’s nightlife has to offer. Live music and happy hours are most common on weekends.

Nightlife in Tokyo

Tokyo’s nightlife is bright, diverse and fascinating. The city literally lights up at night, making its streets bright and busy. And, as everything else in Japan, it has something quite unique and different from anything else you can find anywhere else in the world.

From a city as big as Tokyo, one can expect to find something to fit almost every taste. With plenty of different areas to go out and experience the nightlife, the most famous ones are Shinjuku, Shibuya and Asakusa.

Japanese do work hard, but they party even harder. You can start your night with a quiet drink at a “standing bar”, called tachinomi bars. Have some sushi and sake for diner and then move to a more exclusive club to drink some cocktails. Or go Karaoke, of course! There are also quite a few underground bars with rock or hip hop music, and of course big clubs with world famous DJs playing every weekend.

Basic information about nightlife in Tokyo:

  • Pubs and clubs closing times:
    • Bars and pubs: Monday to Thursday until Monday to Thursday until 01 am – Weekends until 03 am
    • Clubs: Monday to Thursday until Monday to Thursday until 04am – Friday and Saturday at 05am
  • Average cover charge for clubs: 5 – 20 €
  • Average price of pint of beer: 5 €
  • Famous neighbourhoods for partying: Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa
  • Famous events or parties: Sanja Matsuri festival, third weekend of May

Best Party Areas in Tokyo

Tokyo has several party districts easily recognized by the extreme and colourful lighting and signs. The craziest clubs and bars are normally located in pedestrian streets, with plenty of cool establishments in side streets as well. Sometimes is not rare to also hear music coming from speakers placed on buildings, that’s just what they do.

As we mentioned before, even though there are several party districts, there are 3 main areas where you will find most of the action in Tokyo: Shinjuku, Shibuya and Asakusa

Party in Shinjuku

📍 Best hostel in Shinjuku: - UNPLAN Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of the most famous districts in Tokyo. It is also one of the most famous places in Tokyo for its nightlife. It houses many different small neighbourhoods like Kabukicho, Golden Gai and Omoide Yokocho. Japanese are famous for having an extravagant and sometimes weird sense of entertainment. You can truly get mesmerised by all the unimaginable things you can step into the vibrant Shinjuku.

Kabukicho is the biggest red-light district in Japan. Its streets are full of bright lights of bright colours, and filled with plenty of options for night entertainment, as well as many delicious restaurants for a good price. Nightclubs, bars, host and hostess clubs, and streets packed with love hotels.

Golden Gai offers a great selection of cool bars and pubs to have drinks. Golden Gai is a great area to just do bar hopping and jump from place to place having drinks and meeting new people.

Omoide Yokocho , right at the exit of Shinjuku Station, is a small pedestrian area filled with izakaya , a small and typical Japanese type of restaurants. The izakaya serve many traditional food like yakitori, a grilled-meat skewer. It is a very popular and busy area, both for locals and tourists, and it is a great option to grab a bite on a budget.

  • Deathmatch in Hell is a small but cool place with great music and great prices
  • RoofTop Bar & Terrace G. Bar Benfiddich serves the coolest drinks menu in Tokyo and offers stunning views of the city
  • Shinjuku Craft Beer Tap offers the best local and international beers

Party in Shibuya

📍 Best party hostel in Shibuya: - Wise Owl Hostels Shibuya

Shibuya is another vibrant area in Tokyo and one of the most famous to go out. Although it is less crazy than Shinjuku, the area is crowded with amazing bars and pubs where you can meet locals or other travellers.

Shibuya is also the area where you can find the best dance and night clubs in Tokyo.

  • Club Camelot is one of the biggest in Tokyo, with two lounge floors, two main floors, five different bars and lots of VIP seating spots
  • The Womb club is another popular place where you can dance the night out. Well-known as the epicentre of the best techno and house music parties, the club is hosting crazy parties almost every night.

Party in Asakusa

📍 Best party hostel in Asakusa: - Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Asakusa is a bit more chilled area compared to Shinjuku and Shibuya, but definitely worth visiting. The area is the home of numerous local restaurants and bars where you can try some local specialties and drink famous sake or local beers.

  • Samboa Bar offers a unique and sophisticated experience, amazing local cuisine and well-crafted drinks.
  • If you want to drink like a local, go to Daimasu Kaminarimon bar and restaurant. Their sake menu is one of the best in Tokyo.

Dress codes & age restrictions

Chick style is always a perfect option for the girls, as well as the smart casual look. Short skirts and high heels are always a good choice. For the guys, different clubs and bars might require a bit stricter clothing like long trousers and jacket.

Unlike the other capitals around the world, the minimum age for drinking and clubbing in Tokyo is 20. Japanese takes very seriously the age restriction, but there are some places where you might not be asked to show ID at the entrance.