Best Party Hostels in Stockholm

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Stockholm, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Stockholm is a city famous for beautiful landscapes and iconic architecture, but the city also offers a vibrant party scene for those looking to have a good time between sight-seeing sessions. The city has a rich entertaining scene to offer, with great concerts, events, clubs, bars, and restaurants. During the summer, most of the parties are happening in open-air clubs and areas, where people can dance until the early morning hours. Stockholm is a great destination for both solo travellers and groups of friends. If you are looking for a place to stay and meet other travellers, check out the following hostels. Book now and prepare to unleash the adventure in Stockholm.

What are the Party Hostels in Stockholm like?

  • Best Party Hostels in Stockholm: City Backpackers Hostel; Generator Stockholm
  • Party hostels style: fun and social hostels
  • Craziness level: not too crazy
  • Parties on-site: On-site bar
  • Pub Crawls: yes

Nightlife in Stockholm

Stockholm is an amazing city, with a great balance between the modern world of the city and beautiful nature, including all the beautiful canals that run across the city. The city is quickly becoming one of the top European destinations, especially among solo travellers. Stockholm’s nightlife is vibrant and full of choices, from its numerous causal bars and pubs, to more exclusive clubs with different floors open during the whole year. There is even a nightclub on a boat! (keep reading, we promise we’ll tell you where it is). In terms of the best day to go out in Stockholm, unlike other European cities, Thursday is the most popular day for partying and drinking.

Nightlife in Stockholm is buzzing all year long, although the summer might be the best time to explore the city and enjoy the party scene. During summer many clubs open their terraces or have an alternative outdoor location. During summer the party starts early and you can find people dancing and open-airs and clubs busy in the afternoon.

Basic information about nightlife in Stockholm:

  • Pubs and clubs closing times:
    • Bars and pubs: Monday to Thursday until 02:00am – Weekends at 03:00am
    • Clubs: Monday to Thursday until 05:00am – Weekends at 05:00am
  • Average cover charge for clubs: from 15€ to 20€ (incl. drink)
  • Average price of pint of beer: 6.50€
  • Famous neighbourhoods for partying: Gamla Stan, Östermalm, and Södermalm.
  • Famous events or parties: Summer at Konserthuset – 25 th of July - 18 th August.

Party areas in Stockholm

Stockholm has two main areas to go out: Södermalm and Östermalm. The vibe on the first one is more relaxed and casual, while in Östermalm the clubs are more exclusive and the door policy is quite strict. So bring your best clothes if you are planning to go to Östermalm.

Apart from the type of atmosphere you are looking for, check the club’s websites or social media for info about the specific events that night, as it would be a good way of choosing where to go. And of course, the knowledgeable staff in your party hostel would probably give you good tips on what’s hot that night.

Party in Södermalm

📍 Best party hostel in Södermalm: - Red Boat Mälaren

Södermalm is a very popular party zone in Stockholm. Bohemian, casual and alternative, the bars and clubs located in this district have a more easy-going atmosphere. The prices of drinks are also way cheaper comparing to the Östermalm district.

Here are our recommendations for best bars in Södermalm:

  • BIG BEN - Söders bästa musikbar is a great place to enjoy craft beers and stand up shows
  • River Bar is where you should go if you are a cocktail lover.
  • The Bishop's Arms is also popular among locals and tourists, thanks to the wide selection of whiskeys and beers.
  • Patricia Boat Nightclub is a famous and unique club located in an old ship right on the water by Söder Mälarstrand. The old ship features five different indoor bars and two outdoor areas that open during summer. Also with a restaurant and a nightclub, the music is a varied mix of pop hits, disco and all time rock classics. On Sundays, they have a party that has been very popular in the Stockholm’s gay scene for many years.

Party in Östermalm

📍 Best party hostel in Östermalm: - City Backpackers Stockholm

Östermalm is the most famous party area in Stockholm, but also the most exclusive and expensive. This part of the city is filled with very exclusive clubs, bars and restaurants very popular among celebrities and the royal family.

As a chic and sophisticated area, the door policy is very strict and you can also expect to have to queue to enter in the clubs

  • Riche is a beautiful place and one of the oldest restaurants in the city. At night, it turns into a sophisticated bar that gets really busy
  • Bar 101 and Terrace Bar is the place for you if you are more of a happy-hour person. Located in the Scandic Hotel Anglais, they are in a beautiful area, right next to the Humlegarden park, and the views from the Terrace Bar are amazing
  • Sturecompagniet is Stockholm's largest and oldest club. Boasting 5 floors and regularly hosting Sweden’s best House DJ’s, it’s definitely a place not to miss

Party in Gamla Stan

📍 Best party hostel in Gamla Stan: - Castanea Old Town Hostel

Gamla Stan is the very heart of the beautiful Old Town in Stockholm. In this area you can find smaller and more intimate bars and pubs, with more traditional decoration and offering traditional drinks and food.

Your Pub Crawl will probably start in some of the recent bars opened catering to a younger crowd, moving then to either Östermalm or Södermalm to end the night in a club.

Most of the places around Gamla Stan have regular events like live music nights and happy hours, so check with the reception of your hostel to see what’s on that night.

  • Tweed is a nice bar with the spirit of the old times, a wide choice of tasty beers and a good selection of local and imported wines
  • Pharmarium is another originally decorated bar, located at a former apothecary. The place got a high reputation thanks to their amazing cocktails and the unique way they have to serve them

Dress codes & age restrictions

The minimum age in most of the bars and clubs in Stockholm is 18 years. However, the age limit varies from place to place, depending on the type of the club. Some clubs in the Södermalm are more rigid, with the age limit above 23 years.

Swedish people are normally very elegant, and they like to dress with style. Even the most casual Swedish would look quite chic. So it is not surprising that nightlife in Stockholm, even in casual and informal bars, requires a bit more stylish clothes. To be on a safe side, try to wear some black clothes, shoes or black sneakers and not too extravagant clothes. Check with the reception of your party hostel what’s the dress code of the bar you are planning to go, and ask them their opinion on whether you are dressed properly.