Best Party Hostels in Split

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Split, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Split has recently become one of the hottest beach and party destinations in Europe. With a rich cultural and historical background, and with a thriving party scene, you are sure to have a great time. Travelling solo or in a group, if you are looking for hostels where you can meet like-minded people looking to have fun in Split, these hostels are the place to go! Friendly staff, fun atmosphere and plenty of organised activities to encourage guest socialising. Book now and prepare to unleash the fun in Split!

What are the Party Hostels in Split like?

Party hostels in Split are fun, friendly and lively, making them great if you are looking to party or make new connections. Although Fiesta Siesta is the only hostel with an on-site bar; most hostels are equipped with comfy common areas, which are perfect for socializing and meeting new people. Many of these hostels are in lively neighbourhoods, often with several pubs around where you can relax and grab a beer or two. But what makes Split party hostels stand out is the large variety of organized activities: regular themed party nights, happy hour, day tours or group dinners.

  • Best Hostels in Split for partying: Fiesta Siesta; Booze & Snooze; Split Backpackers
  • Best hostels in Split for solo travellers: Split Backpackers
  • Party hostel style: Social hostels
  • Hostel craziness level: Fairly crazy
  • Parties on-site: On-site bars and parties
  • Hostel organised Pub Crawls: Yes

Best Area To Stay in Split for Nightlife

If you really want to enjoy Split's nightlife, you should look into staying in the Old Town or Bacvice. The first one is a bit more relaxed, filled with bars and cultural offerings. On the other hand, the second is your regular Mediterranean beach party area, with some of the most popular and craziest nightclubs running along its shore. However, be aware that there are no hostels in Bacvice, only hotels, which makes it a more expensive option.

📍Best Party hostel in Old Town: Split Hostel Fiesta Siesta

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Split Party Guide

After you spend a day at Bacvice beach, you might spot the buildings on the left side of the beach. This buzzing area turns into a "party district" during the evenings, with techno beats and cage dancers to get the party started. Old Town offers more of a cultural atmosphere to its nightlife with its previously mentioned rich history, a large variety of different pubs and attractions. Both areas are offering their unique version of a fun time, so you can't go wrong with either option.

Basic information about nightlife in Split:

  • Pubs and clubs closing times:
    • Bars and pubs: Monday to Thursday until 12:00 am – Weekends at 02:00 am
    • Clubs: Monday to Thursday until closed – Weekends at 05:00 am
  • Average cover charge for clubs: from free to 5€ (not incl. drink)
  • Average price of a pint of beer: 2.42€
  • Famous neighbourhoods for partying: Bacvice; Old Town (Diocletian's Palace)
  • Famous events or parties: Split Summer Festival – mid July to mid August

Split Nightlife Areas

Split is a beautiful city with a rich history, gorgeous landscapes and friendly people. There are a few neighbourhoods best suitable for partying and socializing, two of which we mentioned already. However, let's look at those areas a little closer and see what else this beautiful city has to offer.

Nightlife in Bacvice

Bacvice is a popular nightlife area in Split with a wide selection of hot bars, clubs and sunbeds along with its golden beach and crystal clear sea. Bacvice beach is a perfect place for soaking up the sun, feeling the music and enjoying a few or maybe a couple more than a few sunset drinks. Whether you want to relax and lay on the beach or look for something more adventurous and crazier, this is the place for it.

  • Café Bar Zbirac: Café Bar Zbirac, arguably one of the best in Split, is a small detached terrace right on the beach. It's the perfect place for cheap drinks, delicious meals, and views that are just unbeatable.
  • Monty Python Bar: Monty Python Bar is a great place for cold drinks and indie rock. The inside is small but cosy, while the outside has a lovely garden where you can just chill and drink a bit of booze at a reasonable price.

Nightlife in The Old Town (Diocletian's Palace)

Built around Diocletian's Palace, the historic Old Town situated in the centre of Split. This is where you'll find most of the famous architectural and natural sights, such as the Temple of Jupiter, one of Split's most beautiful monuments. Stare out at the gorgeous Adriatic sea while taking a stroll along palm tree-lined Riva Harbour or visit the large variety of attractions, bars, and clubs.

  • Charlie's Bar: Charlie's Bar is located in the heart of Diocletian's Palace, and this is truly a place where you can let loose. It offers theme parties, extended happy hours and of course a reasonably regular rounds of shots.
  • Cocktail Bar Gaga: Cocktail Bar Gaga is a must-visit venue on any bar crawl. It offers a real party environment with quality DJs and strong cocktails at friendly prices.
  • Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar: Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar combines literature, jazz, and history to create a unique experience for all visitors. It opens at 5 pm, creating a distinct and memorable atmosphere through cosmopolitan clientele chatter and Ella Fitzgerald's haunting voice.

Nightlife in Meje

Meje neighbourhood is located west of the city centre, and it is where Split's elites like to play. The often dubbed "Beverly Hills of Split," is home to many famous football players and movie stars. It has upscale restaurants, art galleries, and seaside bars, making it an exciting location for the majority of tourists.

  • Jadran Beach Bar: Jadran Beach Bar is situated on the edge of the sea, making it one of the best places to sit and watch the sunset in Split. It has a friendly and attentive staff, plus, there are steps that lead to the water in case you want to take a dip in the sea.
  • "Drum Bar" Gjakovë: "Drum Bar" Gjakovë is a cosy pub with great cocktails, entertaining bar games and a welcoming atmosphere. A great place to socialize and have fun.

Dress code & age restriction for bars and clubs in Split

Due to Split's warm weather and friendly atmosphere, the dress code is relaxed. Lots of guys wear t-shirts and shorts while there are not many girls wearing heels. The dress code for late nights mostly depends on your choice of the nightclub, and it's always a good idea to double-check with the staff of the hostel before heading out. Many clubs have a rather relaxed dress code while certain other ones might be a bit fancier and guys are required to wear long trousers to be able to enter. The minimum age for entering a club and purchasing liquor in Croatia is 18.