Best Party Hostels in Seattle

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Seattle, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Seattle is a city famous for the iconic observatory tower called Space Needle, but the city also has a great nightlife with many bars and clubs perfect for travellers looking to have fun between sight-seeing activities. Seattle’s party scene offers much more than just bars and beer. Home of many festivals, music events, concerts and shows, Seattle is perfect destinations for both solo travellers and groups, concertgoers and digital nomads. The hostels we recommend here are specially picked for those looking to meet open-minded people, gain new friends and enjoy plenty of organised activities. Book now and prepare to unleash the fun in Seattle.

Our Choice of Best Party Hostels in Seattle

Green Tortoise Seattle Hostel

Green Tortoise Seattle Hostel is the go-to destination for travellers who are after both iconic sights and a dynamic social scene. Sitting directly across from Pike Place Market, the hostel is a beacon for those looking to dive headfirst into Seattle's bustling downtown energy. It's not just the premium location that makes Green Tortoise a haven for party enthusiasts, but also its rich roster of social happenings that spark connections and ignite a celebratory atmosphere.

Daily activities at the hostel are designed to break the ice, with pub crawls and open mic nights stirring the lively crowd into a festive frenzy. The hostel's heritage charm accentuates the modern amenities, ensuring every traveller's comfort amidst the revelry. Within a short walk, you'll find yourself at live music havens like the Crocodile Cafe and Showbox Theater, placing you at the epicentre of entertainment. The communal spirit of Green Tortoise is palpable, making it an unparalleled choice for those eager to forge new friendships while basking in the vibrant pulse of Seattle.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests at Green Tortoise Seattle Hostel are swept up in its infectious energy, attributing their memorable experiences to the warm and welcoming staff who make everyone feel like part of a big, vibrant family. While acknowledging the hostel's rustic charm, travellers are drawn back by the irresistible social atmosphere and camaraderie that the staff cultivates. The comfortable beds, good common areas, and a roster of fun extras, like free walking tours and evening ice cream, enhance the overall stay. Its unrivalled downtown location, right by Pike's Market, makes it a prime spot for urban exploration and festivities. The hostel's dynamic vibe is further celebrated with anecdotes of unexpected midnight adventures, adding to the allure for those seeking a unique and lively travel experience.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Prime location across from Pike Place Market
  • Historic charm meets modern convenience
  • Pub crawls and open mic nights for a vibrant party scene
  • Proximity to top live music venues
  • Communal activities fostering a social atmosphere

HotelHotel Hostel

HotelHotel Hostel is a vibrant gem in the heart of Seattle’s Fremont neighbourhood, offering more than just a bed to sleep in; it's an invitation to join an ongoing party. As you step out the door, you're thrust into the midst of Fremont's quirky art scene, surrounded by the relentless buzz of coffee shops, innovative eateries, and an impressive selection of craft cocktail lounges and pubs. It's the ultimate haven for social butterflies and party enthusiasts looking to soak up the city's eclectic vibes.

Inside, HotelHotel doesn't skimp on the party spirit, despite prioritising guest safety with adjusted operations. The common areas still buzz with an infectious energy, making it a breeze for solo travellers to meet fellow nomads.

For the young and the young-at-heart, HotelHotel Hostel serves as a springboard into Seattle's renowned nightlife. A stay here means you're not just visiting; you're becoming part of a community that knows no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet. With the city’s pulse right at your fingertips, every night is an adventure waiting to happen.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests rave about their stays at HotelHotel Hostel, frequently highlighting the seamless check-in and out process, and the excellent central location that puts them at the heart of the party scene. The hostel's vicinity to all things fun makes it a top recommendation for those seeking short yet exhilarating getaways. Despite minor hiccups like decor placements, the overall modern, clean, and well-maintained facilities have exceeded the expectations of many first-time hostel goers. The combination of great value, prime location, and attentive management has guests eagerly planning their next stay, ensuring they're right back in the mix of Seattle's vibrant nightlife.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Heart of Fremont’s art and party scene
  • Socially vibrant common areas for guest interaction
  • Proximity to Seattle’s best bars and pubs
  • Operational adjustments that maintain safety without dampening the fun

HI Seattle

HI Seattle at the American Hotel offers a distinctly historic vibe paired with the buzz of a modern party hostel. Positioned in the colourful International District, it stands out as a hub for travellers who want to plunge into Seattle’s vibrant cultural scene. Its proximity to public transport means you can jet from a serene day exploring to a night of pulsating city life in moments.

This hostel is celebrated for its blend of convenience and lively atmosphere. With the International District’s panoply of entertainment just a few steps away, it's an epicentre for those keen to explore by day and party by night. The staff at HI Seattle further enrich the experience with their local insights, travel tips, and discounts, ensuring your adventure is both seamless and memorable.

The nearby Uwajimaya Asian Grocery Store invites a unique culinary journey, allowing guests to savour the flavours of the locale or experiment with their cooking in the hostel's kitchen. It's a place where the party isn't confined to the night—it's a round-the-clock experience of community, culture, and celebration.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests are consistently drawn to HI Seattle at the American Hotel for its prime location that strikes the perfect balance between accessibility and security. With its clean facilities and friendly staff, it stands out as an ideal base for travellers looking to dive into the local scene. The hostel's proximity to public transport and major city attractions means that guests can step out and join the city's rhythm with ease, enhancing their party and socialising experiences. The on-site amenities, including a well-equipped kitchen and complimentary breakfast, are frequently praised, adding to the value of a stay here. Despite minor critiques about specific facilities, the overall sentiment is that HI Seattle is a fantastic budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on the essentials.

Party hostel highlights:

  • In the heart of the vibrant International District
  • Easy access to public transportation for city exploration
  • Close to a diverse array of restaurants and culinary experiences
  • Helpful staff with valuable local travel guides and discounts

What are the best party hostels in Seattle?

For the spirited traveller seeking the ultimate party hostels in Seattle, Green Tortoise Seattle Hostel reigns supreme with its unbeatable location across the iconic Pike Place Market and its bevy of social activities, including bi-weekly pub crawls and open mic nights that guarantee a memorable mingling experience. Not to be overshadowed, HotelHotel Hostel in the artistic Fremont neighbourhood is a haven for those looking to immerse themselves in a quirky vibe and spontaneous social scenes. Meanwhile, HI Seattle at the American Hotel offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern conveniences, situated in the heart of the International District, perfect for guests keen on diving into the city's dynamic cultural mix. Each of these hostels serves up its brand of festive flair, catering to young and solo travellers eager to connect and revel in Seattle's lively urban spirit.

What are party hostels like in Seattle?

Party hostels in Seattle are an embodiment of the city's spirit: lively, friendly, and endlessly engaging. They offer more than just a bed to sleep in; they are social epicentres where like-minded travellers meet against a backdrop of continuous festivities. The atmosphere buzzes with the anticipation of nightly events, be it pub crawls that introduce backpackers to Seattle’s eclectic bar scene or open mic nights that reveal the raw artistic talent of the city. These hostels prioritise communal experiences, from shared kitchens where travellers exchange stories over cooking to organised tours that explore the pulsating heart of the metropolis. Designed with a blend of historic charm and modern amenities, Seattle’s party hostels provide a unique, immersive experience that resonates with the city’s ethos of innovation and community.

FAQ About Party Hostels in Seattle

Are hostels in Seattle safe?

Yes, hostels in Seattle prioritise guest safety, offering secure accommodations with modern amenities, key card access, and 24/7 staff support to ensure a worry-free stay for party-goers and solo travellers alike.

How much do party hostels in Seattle cost?

Party hostels in Seattle offer affordable lodging, with prices ranging from €30 to €50 per night, varying by season and amenities, providing budget-friendly, social accommodations for young travellers.

Does Seattle have a good nightlife?

Yes, Seattle boasts a vibrant nightlife with a mix of live music venues, trendy bars, and clubs. The city caters to diverse tastes, ensuring an energetic evening out for party-goers and music enthusiasts alike.

What part of Seattle has the best nightlife?

Capitol Hill is renowned as the epicentre of Seattle's best nightlife, with a lively array of bars, clubs, and music venues that stay buzzing into the early hours.

What is Seattle known for?

Seattle is renowned for its iconic Space Needle, rich music history including grunge, bustling Pike Place Market, and as a hub for tech giants, all set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

Which area to stay in Seattle?

For a vibrant stay, choose Capitol Hill for nightlife, Downtown for tourism, or Fremont for a quirky arts scene—each neighbourhood offers a unique vibe and easy access to Seattle’s attractions.

Does Seattle have a bar district?

Seattle's Belltown neighbourhood is often hailed as its bar district, featuring a dense concentration of bars and pubs that offer a spirited nightlife experience.