What are the Party Hostels in San Diego like?

  • Best Hostels in San Diego for partying: USA Hostels - Ocean Beach; HI San Diego-Point Loma
  • Best hostels in San Diego for solo travellers: HI San Diego-Point Loma, USA Hostels San Diego
  • Party hostel style: Hostels with social events and activities
  • Hostel craziness level: Not too crazy
  • Parties on-site: Events and fun social areas
  • Hostel organised Pub Crawls: Yes

The party hostels in San Diego have different daily activities that serve to socialise and meet other guests, are located near the beach and you can do sports and outdoor tours, also include relaxation spaces that help you to recharge your energy to continue enjoying the different events of the place. Social hostels are conveniently located near the popular local clubs and bars in the place for you to experience the nightlife.

Best Area To Stay in San Diego for Nightlife

There are different areas to stay in San Diego such as Ocean Beach or Point Loma neighbourhood , we recommend these typical coastal places are requested for its numerous outdoor areas to taste drinks and enjoy the best local parties, in addition; between the best and most popular areas also are Gaslamp Quarter one of the best known, ideals for staying and enjoy the great nightlife.

📍Best Party hostel in Ocean Beach: USA Hostels - Ocean Beach

📍Best Party hostel in Point Loma: Hi San Diego - Point Loma

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San Diego Party Guide

The city of San Diego is a true paradise that is not only visited for its amazing beaches, perfect climate all year, its beautiful and splendid bay; as well as its tourist attractions with fun for all ages. The city centre is a very famous historic district that has a good and sophisticated nightlife where you can find lively restaurants with exquisite dishes, bars, pubs and different types of nightclubs with live music to drink something and then finish the night in one of its famous discos.

Basic information about nightlife in San Diego:

  • Pubs and clubs closing times:
    • Bars and pubs: Monday to Sunday until 2:00 am
    • Clubs: Monday, Thursday, Wednesday and Sunday until 11:00 pm; Thursday to Saturday - 2:00 am
  • Average cover charge for clubs: $10 to $30 (no drinks)
  • Average price of a pint of beer: $2.50
  • Famous neighbourhoods for partying: Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, and Ocean Beach
  • Famous events or parties: San Diego Beer Week Festival (held in mid-September), The International Comic Book Convention (July 23-26, 2020)

San Diego Nightlife Areas

You can have a great night party in the city of San Diego with all the options for different ages and tastes. Choosing a place or establishment is a challenge for the variety of nightclubs where you can enjoy the best experiences that the night has to offer, entertainment possibilities never end from the traditional to areas completely luxurious, it is advisable to have an idea of the type of party you are looking for. Areas like Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, Pacific Beach, The Jolla, and Ocean Beach are some of the best places in all of San Diego to spend a wonderful night.

Nightlife in Gaslamp Quarter

This neighbourhood is the historic heart of San Diego, is located in the centre of the city, charming for its beautiful infrastructure and streets that are illuminated with many lights that accompany the tour of this wonderful place. It’s a very visited area with an entertaining atmosphere with options for all visitors, known for its incredible nightlife ideal for a stroll, taste good food in the amazing restaurants or simply go shopping in the various stores, if you are a lover of good parties here you can visit the many bars, clubs, and discos that attract locals and younger tourists to enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

Of the best nightclubs to party in the city centre with nice music and lots of fun; Onix Nightclub, Oxford Social Club, and Sevilla Nightclub, are the most preferred and most visited in the neighbourhood .

  • Onix Nightclub: The club has been representing the best nightlife experience of San Diego for many years. Lots of famous international DJs perform here. You can hear any kind of music genre, which means that everyone will enjoy it. There are lots of little details, which make this place special.
  • Oxford Social Club: This club gives elevated nightlife experience to guests. It doesn’t have an actual dance floor, but there are lots of tables and dancing. So it is more like a lounge than a club. You can expect curated music and an extensive craft cocktail program.
  • Sevilla Nightclub: Sevilla Nightclub has a unique atmosphere for all the Latin music and dancing lovers. Expect lots of dancing, live entertainment, the best DJs and live bands. They even have dance instructors.

Nightlife in Little Italy

Picturesque and elegant neighbourhood, area that has a lot to discover, has special events all year, it is located in downtown San Diego is visited for its pleasant atmosphere, popular for its restaurants especially Italian style and flavour, luxury store, art galleries, clubs, bars and pubs with live entertainment that put flavour and rhythm of the night, ideal for enjoying delicious wines, beers, and cocktails that become the protagonists of an incredible evening.

The popular and most recommended destinations for a great night out in Little Italy are usually Waterfront Bar & Grill, Little Italy's Loading Dock and Bassmnt San Diego, which are excellent options for sharing a night.

  • Waterfront Bar & Grill: This is a truly historical place, which was opened in 1933. Even though the district has changed a lot, the Waterfront remains the same. This place is for all generations, you can meet versatile people here, but everyone is welcomed.
  • Little Italy's Loading Dock: A place where Little Italy starts (and sometimes ends). The idea of the place is to be the accessible and central place for gathering and honouring the neighbourhood’s charm. It hosts different events regularly.
  • Bassmnt San Diego: Bassmnt has a unique underground club vibe. It is a mix of a historical place and modern lighting and audio technology systems. They offer 3 versatile rooms and can organise anything from birthday parties to large corporate dinners.

Nightlife in Pacific Beach

Tropical and relaxed zone, it’s ideal if you are a lover of the sun and the beach, famous for having a great party atmosphere, this very tourist place has a distance of 14 minutes (14.1 km) in relation of downtown San Diego, this coastal zone is full of restaurants, bars, discos and pubs where you can very easily find great animation, is visited by many young people to enjoy a bar to another one during a great night of celebration.

Classic bars near the beach with the best nightlife like Barrel republic Pacific Beach, PB Pub and Open Bar, you can visit it if you want to live an amazing beach party.

  • Barrel republic Pacific Beach: This is a perfect bar for all the craft beer lovers, who have the freedom to pour their own beer fresh from the tap. Recently they added the new kitchen and great menu.
  • PB Pub: PB Pub is a family owned dive bar, so they treat their customers like family. You can play lots of games here. They claim to be the cheapest option at the beach.
  • Open Bar: This is a cool sports bar in the daytime, but at night it transforms into a dance floor with DJs. It is cheaper than most of the other bars, considering its great location.

Nightlife in The Jolla

An elegant district on the Pacific coast, is known for its rugged coast, is one of the most charming places and best tropical destinations in the city, this neighbourhood has a distance of 22 minutes (19 km) north of downtown San Diego, ideal for when you're looking for a sophisticated party atmosphere in clubs and bars with the highest socioeconomic level, you can enjoy fantastic clubs and select restaurants.

Different styles of clubs and bars in the area are recommended; Public House La Jolla, Raised by Wolves, Post the Jolla and Cusp Dining & Drinks, here you can enjoy a modern party with elegant tropical style.

  • Public House La Jolla: This is an amazing place to try limited craft beer, amazing wine and have a nice dinner. Make yourself at home and the staff will help you with that.
  • Raised by Wolves: This bar has an unforgettable atmosphere. It is located inside one of San Diego's high-end malls, which kind of makes it a retail store. It will surprise you with exclusive spirits. The interior was inspired by the 19th century Paris and London, so it looks luxurious and rich.
  • Cusp Dining & Drinks: Come here if you want to treat all of your senses. Delicious food on shareable plates, amazing drinks and breathtaking view of the Pacific ocean from the 11th floor.

Nightlife in Ocean Beach

The coastal and bohemian neighbourhood, it is a popular fishing spot indicated for you with spectacular panoramic views, with 12 minutes (11.1 km) of distance in relation to the city centre. This area has several options such as live music events, night parties in bars, clubs, and breweries with outdoor spaces to enjoy the wonderful climate that San Diego offers where fun is not kept waiting.

The funniest clubs and bars we recommend in the area are Winstons Beach club, Wonderland Ocean Pub, OB Noodle House Bar 1502 and Sunshine Company Saloom, some have live music to dance and enjoy all night long.

  • Winstons Beach club: The club is famous for its daily live music. This is a place where you can listen to any music genre, from jazz to rock. They also host weekly events. Locals and touring bands perform here. Everyone comes here to drink craft beer, listen to music and relax.
  • Wonderland Ocean Pub: This pub was named after an amusement park of the area, which was closed over 100 years ago, so the decor was inspired by the park. Come here to drink craft beer and other kinds of drinks, eat food that you will not find at basic bars, enjoy an amazing beach view.
  • OB Noodle House Bar 1502: The bar is known for its huge selection of craft beer and cocktails, the menu will not leave you disappointed. This bar has an unusual design and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Sunshine Company Saloom: This is a sports bar, you can always find a good company to play pool and drink beer here. Happy hours are daily.

Dress code & age restriction for bars and clubs in San Diego

The dress of the city of San Diego is usually not very formal, it is customary to wear a casual style wearing jeans, just like for tropical places you can use a more relaxed and fresh style to enjoy the parties in an outdoor; some downtown nightclubs may have its own dress code using a semi-formal outfit so it is recommend that you check with the clubs you want to visit.

In this city you can only enjoy the nightlife from the age of 21, otherwise; you will be restricted from entering nightclubs, discos, and bars; as well as drink alcohol if you're not old enough. You should be careful about sneaking into one of these places or drinking alcohol without being the right age; as it can bring you legal problems.