Best Party Hostels in Puerto Viejo

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Puerto Viejo, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Puerto Viejo is famous surfer’s paradise, but this destination also offers a vibrant party scene for those looking to have a good time between sight-seeing sessions. The most popular are the beach bars and clubs, with a laidback atmosphere during the day and the crazy parties in the night. Travelling solo or in a group, the hostels we recommend here are the perfect place for those looking to meet new people, with plenty of organised group activities perfect for guest socialising. Choose one of the following hostels and prepare to start the adventure in fabulous Puerto Viejo.

Our Choice of Best Party Hostels in Puerto Viejo

Playa 506 Beachfront Hostel

Playa 506 Beachfront Hostel is where the exuberant party spirit melds harmoniously with serene, tropical paradise vibes. This beachfront sanctuary, enveloped in nature’s splendour, is both a retreat and a hub of electrifying social encounters. Imagine the gentle crescendo of crashing waves as your party soundtrack, and the first rays of sunrise illuminating your carefree dances along the shoreline.

Situated near the bustling Puerto Viejo, yet isolated enough to offer a tranquil escape, Playa 506 is a realm where diverse travellers congregate to celebrate life. Your taste buds are in for a fiesta, with organic, locally sourced ingredients transforming each meal into a culinary masterpiece. The well-stocked bar is a haven for crafted brew enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs alike.

Each night under the starlit skies is a symphony of laughter, stories, and connections. The hostel’s boutique backpacker concept ensures every traveller, irrespective of their budget or preference, finds their niche of comfort and luxury. Playa 506 isn’t just a hostel; it’s a melodious blend of tropical serenity and the infectious energy of an unforgettable party.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests are thoroughly enamoured with Playa 506 Beachfront Hostel, often raving about its unparalleled beachfront location that adds a touch of tropical luxury to their party experience. The allure of being just a few steps away from the golden sands is frequently mentioned, allowing for spontaneous beach parties and sun-soaked relaxations in hammocks. The hostel strikes a fine balance between proximity to buzzing Puerto Viejo and serene beachside charm. While minor critiques do arise, the overwhelming sentiment revolves around the exhilarating atmosphere, excellent amenities like the on-site restaurant and bar, and the cherished connections made with fellow travellers. In essence, Playa 506 is seen as a precious gem in the heart of the Caribbean coast, capturing both the serenity of nature and the vivacity of an unforgettable party.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Located directly on the beach, offering spectacular views and an invigorating atmosphere
  • Proximity to the energetic town of Puerto Viejo for diverse entertainment options
  • A delectable menu infused with organic ingredients and a well-curated bar for crafted brews and wines
  • Offers an exceptional combination of relaxed beachfront bliss and exciting party vibes

Roots Family

Roots Family encapsulates the epitome of a party hostel, seamlessly blending good vibes, an eclectic atmosphere, and the raw, untethered spirit of the Caribbean. Nestled in the radiant heart of Puerto Viejo, Roots Family is not just a lodging, but a gateway to an unforgettably vibrant journey.

As soon as you step through the doors, the air pulsates with laughter and stories shared by like-minded travellers, amplifying the sensation of instant community and camaraderie. Built with open Caribbean architectural charm, every corner of this bamboo and wooden-made sanctuary is designed to foster connections and epic celebrations.

The hostel's location is nothing short of prime. A brief saunter immerses you in the spirited nightlife of Puerto Viejo. Bars, restaurants, and the electrifying energy of the town are merely steps away, ensuring every night is a celebration of the Pura Vida spirit. The proximity to ‘Parquecitos’ Beach also means that post-party relaxation is just a stone’s throw away.

In Roots Family, every moment is a celebration, and every stay is a story worth telling.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests frequently rave about the incomparable comfort of Roots Family hostel. It’s not just a place to crash after a night out; it's a sanctuary adorned with hammocks, yoga mats, and even little kitties, enhancing the warmth of the setting. A recurring sentiment is the exceptional hospitality, with staff and management receiving commendations for fostering a welcoming and chilled atmosphere. Whether it's indulging in relaxing chats or finding a quiet corner to unwind, this hostel strikes a harmonious balance. Its prime location, minutes from the beach, market, and vibrant restaurants, coupled with its distinct bamboo architecture, elevates the entire experience. Though some pointed out minor areas for improvement, the overwhelming consensus is one of appreciation for the ambiance, warmth, and the bevy of activities on offer.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Nestled in the lively heart of Puerto Viejo
  • A stone’s throw away from ‘Parquecitos’ Beach for daytime relaxation and nighttime parties
  • Proximity to bars and restaurants for an unforgettable nightlife experience
  • A vibrant community atmosphere, perfect for solo travellers looking to meet new people

Selina Puerto Viejo

Selina Puerto Viejo is where the euphoria of partying seamlessly marries the tranquil allure of paradise. Known for its sustainable and vibrant ethos, this chapter of the Selina family promises a harmonious blend of work, relaxation, and revelry. Amidst the natural beauty, you're invited to work in co-working spaces that inspire creativity and then dive into the night where the town unfurls its colourful palette of gastronomy and nightlife.

But it's within Selina's walls where the real magic happens. As twilight descends, the hostel buzzes with life; the swimming pool shimmering, common areas echoing with melodies of live music and laughter, and the bar emerges as the central pulse of the party. The eclectic daily specials act as a magnet, drawing in wanderers from every corner of the globe, culminating in nights filled with dance, stories, and boundless energy.

Beyond the party, Puerto Viejo teases with its surf breaks, while the local Bribri community entices with the art of chocolate-making. Selina Puerto Viejo isn't just a stay; it's a rhythmic dance of experiences, both serene and spirited.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests universally cherish their experiences at Selina Puerto Viejo, often highlighting its vibrant, social atmosphere as a primary allure. The hostel's prime beachfront location is a frequent rave, setting the perfect stage for day activities and nighttime revelries. Many appreciate the meticulously designed communal spaces, with special mentions of the pool, which serves as a hub for relaxation and mingling. Despite a few minor critiques, the overarching sentiment is positive, underscoring the high-quality offerings, be it food, drinks, or accommodations. The diverse activities, ranging from yoga to welcome drinks, amplify the party vibe. Staff members, particularly Abby, earn commendations for their warmth and friendliness, reinforcing the sense of community. In essence, Selina Puerto Viejo is heralded as an epitome of a party hostel, blending the serene beauty of the beach with a dynamic social scene.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Vibrant common areas hosting games and live music for memorable evenings
  • Central bar serving daily specials, creating the heart of the hostel's party scene
  • Proximity to some of Costa Rica's best surf breaks and adventure activities
  • A blend of global and local culinary experiences right at the doorstep, ensuring a thriving nightlife

What are the best party hostels in Puerto Viejo?

Puerto Viejo, a coastal gem renowned for its vibrant nightlife and bohemian spirit, boasts some of the most electrifying party hostels tailored for young, spirited travellers. Topping the charts are the likes of Playa 506 Beachfront Hostel, combining beachfront luxury with non-stop revelry under the stars. Close on its heels is Roots Family, where the pure essence of the Caribbean meets the exuberance of a global traveller community. Last but certainly not least, Selina Puerto Viejo offers a harmonious blend of work, relaxation, and spirited celebrations, staying true to its sustainable and vibrant ethos. Each of these hostels not only ensures a memorable stay, but a pulsating adventure that captures the very soul of Puerto Viejo.

What are party hostels like in Puerto Viejo?

Party hostels in Puerto Viejo encapsulate the town's laid-back yet dynamic vibe. Nestled amidst nature's splendour, these hostels are often characterised by their proximity to beaches, allowing travellers to transition effortlessly from sun-soaked days to electrifying nights. A typical party hostel here offers a blend of traditional architecture with modern amenities, fostering connections amidst open-air communal spaces. As the sun dips below the horizon, the hostels come alive with live music, themed parties, and travellers sharing tales over crafted brews. However, it's not just about the party. These hostels also offer a range of activities, from surfing to local cultural experiences, ensuring that every traveller finds their rhythm in the pulsating heart of Puerto Viejo.

FAQ About Party Hostels in Puerto Viejo

Are hostels in Puerto Viejo safe?

Yes, hostels in Puerto Viejo are generally safe, especially those catering to young travellers. They prioritise guests' security, often with staff available 24/7. However, as with any travel destination, it's advisable for travellers to take standard precautions and stay informed.

How much do party hostels in Puerto Viejo cost?

Party hostels in Puerto Viejo offer a range of prices to cater to diverse travellers. While rates vary, travellers can typically expect to spend between €15 to €30 per night, depending on amenities and season.

Does Puerto Viejo have good nightlife?

Indeed, Puerto Viejo’s nightlife is one of its highlights. The town comes alive at night with beach parties, live music, and dance. Bars and clubs offer a variety of atmospheres, from relaxed beachfront lounges to pulsating dance floors, catering to every party lover.

Is it worth going to Puerto Viejo?

Definitely! Puerto Viejo offers a unique blend of serene beaches, lively party hostels, and rich cultural experiences. For those seeking both relaxation and vibrant nightlife, Puerto Viejo is a must-visit destination on the Caribbean coast.

Why is Puerto Viejo so popular?

Puerto Viejo is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, bohemian spirit, and stunning beaches. A haven for young travellers, it boasts top-tier party hostels, blending the relaxed Caribbean ambiance with spirited celebrations. Its unique fusion of nature, culture, and revelry makes it a must-visit destination.

How long should I stay in Puerto Viejo?

A stay of 3–5 days is ideal in Puerto Viejo, allowing travellers to experience its lively party hostels, explore local cultural gems, indulge in beachfront activities, and dive into the town's vibrant nightlife. This duration ensures a perfect mix of relaxation, adventure, and social interactions.