Best Party Hostels in Playa Del Carmen

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Playa Del Carmen, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Playa Del Carmen is famous for gorgeous palm-lined beaches and coral reefs, but this amazing place also offers a vibrant party scene for travellers looking to have some action between sight-seeing sessions. There are many bars, pubs and clubs with great music and tropical vibes. Rooftop and pool parties are definitely something you can’t miss, especially the sunset ones. Playa Del Carmen is a piece of heaven great for both, solo travellers and groups of friends. Check out the following hostels, perfect social places where you can meet people from all over the world and enjoy fun activities. Book now and prepare to unleash the fun in spectacular Playa Del Carmen.

Our Choice of Best Party Hostels in Playa Del Carmen

Sayab Hostel & Bar

Sayab Hostel & Bar in Playa del Carmen offers an exciting and vibrant Caribbean holiday experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Situated in a strategic location just a short 3-minute walk from the mesmerising Caribbean Sea, the hostel provides easy access to the heart of the city, with its bustling downtown area filled with shopping malls, nightclubs, and a diverse selection of restaurants and bars along Fifth Avenue.

Upon stepping into Sayab's reception, you'll immediately feel the allure of the Caribbean vibes, surrounded by lush native plants and a central pool that beckons you to dive right in. The hostel's bar serves up the best drinks prepared by friendly bartenders. For those who crave adventure, Sayab offers a diving school called 'GOOD VIBES DIVING', where experienced instructors will guide you through the enchanting waters of Playa del Carmen, ensuring an excellent and safe experience.

Additionally, Sayab provides a fully equipped kitchen, perfect for whipping up a quick meal before heading out to explore the city's vibrant nightlife. Sayab also offers a convenient breakfast and dinner vending service, catering to your needs at any time of the day.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests love Sayab Hostel for its fantastic party vibe and welcoming atmosphere that encourages social interactions and making new friends. The staff receives rave reviews for their friendliness and kindness, creating a warm and inclusive environment. The hostel's perfect location near the beach and the city centre makes it an ideal base for exploring Playa del Carmen's vibrant nightlife and party scene. Guests appreciate the diving centre, which offers exciting underwater adventures. While some mention the small dorm rooms, it doesn't dampen their enthusiasm for the lively ambiance and the opportunity to meet wonderful people from around the world.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Lively Caribbean vibes and welcoming atmosphere
  • Perfectly located near the beach and Playa del Carmen's main attractions
  • On-site bar for socialising
  • Inviting pool area to relax and socialise
  • 'GOOD VIBES DIVING' school for thrilling underwater adventures

Che Playa Hostel & Bar

Che Playa Hostel & Bar in Playa del Carmen is an exceptional party hostel that promises an unforgettable journey filled with new connections, exciting stories, and unforgettable experiences. From the moment you step in, the friendly staff treats you like an old friend, providing valuable local insights and recommendations for a truly immersive experience in the city. The hostel's vibrant atmosphere encourages interaction and entertainment, ensuring you have an incredible time during your stay.

The centrepiece of the hostel is its lively bar with a pool, serving as the ultimate social hub for guests to mingle, dance, and forge friendships with fellow travellers from all corners of the globe.

Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, Che Playa Hostel has it all. Embrace the opportunity to create lasting memories as you soak up the vibrant party scene and immerse yourself in the charms of Playa del Carmen. With an exciting blend of camaraderie, entertainment, and local flavour, Che Playa Hostel is the perfect choice for party-loving travellers.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests absolutely love Che Playa Hostel & Bar for its outstanding party atmosphere and the opportunities it provides for socialising and meeting new people. The friendly and welcoming staff receives rave reviews, creating a warm and fun environment for guests to enjoy. The rooftop bar on Fridays is a definite highlight, offering a perfect setting for exciting parties and gatherings. The hostel's social area with a pool and regular activities, led by energetic and lively staff members like Lourdes and Wanda, adds to the vibrant and party-centric ambiance. The entertainment team, including the legendary Wanda and Lourdes, receives praise for their unmatched energy, engaging games, and activities that make every guest feel at home and part of the fun.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Lively bar with a pool for socialising and meeting fellow travellers
  • Free Wi-Fi for easy social sharing
  • Environmentally conscious activities
  • Perfect blend of relaxation and adventure

3B | Boutique Hostel

3B Boutique Hostel is the ultimate party haven in Playa del Carmen, where style, design, and hospitality come together to create an unforgettable experience for party-loving travellers. Situated in a central location, the hostel allows guests to easily explore the best of the city's vibrant nightlife and then return to continue the festivities. The pool area is the heart of the party, featuring international DJ sets and flowing tequila, providing the perfect setting to dance and celebrate all night long.

Beyond the pool parties, 3B Boutique Hostel offers a plethora of other exciting activities to keep the party spirit alive. Guests can engage in epic beer pong battles, compete in Xbox tournaments, and showcase their singing talents during karaoke nights. Whether you want to party non-stop or unwind after a wild night, the hostel caters to all preferences.

For those seeking a rejuvenating break, free yoga sessions are offered on select days, allowing guests to recharge their energy before diving into another night of revelry. And if the beach calls, fishing, snorkelling, and sunbathing opportunities are just a stone's throw away.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests love 3B Boutique Hostel for its perfect balance of party vibes and relaxation. The staff receives high praise for being friendly, helpful, and creating a fun and energetic atmosphere. The hostel's beautiful rooftop with a clean pool provides a fantastic setting to socialise and make new friends. Guests appreciate the convenience of the well-equipped kitchen and the hostel's overall cleanliness. The hostel's location near the beach, shopping mall, and bus station is highly appreciated, offering easy access to both the city's attractions and a peaceful environment to return to after a day of partying. With its welcoming vibe, spacious rooms, and a rooftop terrace that encourages mingling, 3B Boutique Hostel is a top choice for travellers seeking a vibrant yet laid-back party experience.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Central location for easy access to the city's nightlife
  • Pool area with international DJ sets and tequila-fuelled parties
  • Exciting activities like beer pong, Xbox tournaments, and karaoke
  • Free yoga sessions for rejuvenation
  • Beach nearby for relaxation and water activities
  • Fun rituals and ceremonies for a unique party experience

Maui Hostel

Maui Hostel is a top-tier party destination located in the vibrant heart of Playa del Carmen. Just one block away from the beach and the bustling Quinta Alegria shopping mall, it offers the perfect blend of convenience and excitement. The hostel is a mere three-minute walk from Playa del Carmen’s legendary party zone, making it the ideal spot for nightlife enthusiasts who want to be close to the action.

The highlight of Maui Hostel is undoubtedly its renowned rooftop. With a pool offering stunning ocean views and a bar serving up delicious drinks, it’s the perfect place to socialise and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. The common area is a great spot to meet fellow travellers, and the hostel’s friendly vibe encourages the formation of lasting friendships. Make sure to catch the breathtaking sunrise from the rooftop – it's an experience you won’t forget.

With its central location, incredible rooftop, and social atmosphere, Maui Hostel is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of Playa del Carmen’s nightlife.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests rave about Maui Hostel for its unbeatable location close to the beach and Playa del Carmen’s bustling Fifth Avenue. They appreciate the social and welcoming atmosphere, with staff members going above and beyond to ensure everyone has a great time. The rooftop pool and bar are standout features, providing a perfect spot to relax and mingle. Visitors also highlight the hostel's cleanliness, friendly staff, and the privacy and comfort of the beds. The vibrant, yet manageable party vibe makes it ideal for those seeking a lively but restful stay.

Party Hostel Highlights:

  • Prime location close to beach and nightlife
  • Rooftop pool with ocean views
  • Bar and social common area
  • Free luggage storage and early arrival chill zone

What are the best party hostels in Playa Del Carmen?

The best party hostels in Playa Del Carmen offer a vibrant and unforgettable experience for young party enthusiasts. Among the top contenders is Sayab Hostel , which stands out for its Caribbean holiday vibes, lively pool area, and excellent bar, making it a prime spot to mingle and enjoy the best drinks. Che Playa Hostel & Bar is another fantastic choice, with its energetic and fun rooftop parties, social areas, and a range of exciting activities like beer pong and karaoke, ensuring an exciting party atmosphere. 3B | Boutique Hostel impresses travellers with its perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, offering thrilling activities like biking and cenote diving, along with a refreshing swimming pool and a rooftop terrace with stunning Caribbean views.

What are party hostels like in Playa Del Carmen?

Party hostels in Playa Del Carmen offer the perfect combination of excitement, socialising, and vibrant nightlife for young travellers seeking an unforgettable experience. These hostels embrace the city's energetic spirit, providing lively atmospheres and plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded adventurers from around the world. Many hostels feature bars and social areas, serving as hubs for mingling, playing games, and organising fun activities like beer pong and karaoke. Rooftop bars with stunning views are common, offering fantastic party settings under the stars. With central locations near the beach and major attractions, party hostels in Playa Del Carmen ensure guests can easily explore the city's best offerings during the day and return to an electric atmosphere in the evenings.

FAQ About Party Hostels in Playa Del Carmen

Are hostels in Playa Del Carmen safe?

Yes, hostels in Playa Del Carmen are generally safe. Reputable hostels prioritise the safety and security of their guests. It's essential to follow standard travel safety practices and take advantage of lockers and secure storage facilities.

How much do party hostels in Playa Del Carmen cost?

Party hostels in Playa Del Carmen typically offer budget-friendly accommodation options. Prices vary depending on room type, season, and amenities. On average, dorm beds can range from €10 to €30 per night, while private rooms may cost between €30 to €100 or more per night.

Is Playa del Carmen good for partying?

Absolutely! Playa del Carmen is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and party scene. The city's bustling Fifth Avenue hosts an array of bars, clubs, and beach parties, making it a haven for party-goers seeking exciting and lively experiences.

What do you wear to clubs in Playa del Carmen?

Dress codes in Playa del Carmen's clubs are generally casual and beach-friendly. Comfortable attire like shorts, dresses, or light pants paired with trendy tops or shirts is suitable. However, some upscale clubs may have slightly stricter dress codes, so it's best to check in advance.

What time do people go out in Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen's nightlife usually kicks off around 10 PM. Bars and clubs start filling up, and beach parties become lively until the early hours of the morning. Many people embrace the vibrant party scene and socialise until dawn.

What is the best month to go to Playa del Carmen?

The best time to visit Playa del Carmen for a party-filled experience is during the high season, from late November to April. This period offers pleasant weather, lively crowds, and a multitude of events, including festivals and beach parties. However, travellers can enjoy a more laid-back experience during the shoulder season (May to October) with fewer crowds and potentially better deals.