About Melbourne

The second-largest city in Australia, it's considered a capital for tourists and travellers.

When you're in Melbourne, you'll get the opportunity of being part of different entertainment options, from museums to sporting events.

It is such a good vibe you can find in Melbourne that it has become a popular city for backpackers; some travellers come to the city to enjoy the sporting events, but if it is not your thing, you can also explore the city for those looking for parties and socialising.

The best party hostels in Melbourne can become the place that can help you get the biggest experience in this popular city. This location includes different suburbs, and is also the headquarters for many sites that are always packed with tourists and travellers.

Another plus for visiting a big city like Melbourne is that you don't need to have a big budget to be part of this amazing city; after all, the average budget you'll need is $75 - $90 per day.

As well, take into account that most part of the year is a great time to be in Melbourne, between March to May and September to November you can expect great temperature, as well as low airfare rates.

In this list, you'll find the best party hostels that you can enjoy in Melbourne.

The Best Party Hostels in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city where you can expect to have different types of experiences, from popular sport events all up to wild parties, that is why it is not a surprise that you can find party hostels to make your stay a unique experience.

Besides this, you can also aim to stay in a hostel close to the beach as the Base ST Kilda; but either way, the 3 hostels that we are going to talk about can also give you the chance of being part of the parties and fun in town.

The next top 3 hostels in Melbourne will offer you everything you need to have the best time of your life in the city.

Top 3 Hostels in Melbourne

  1. Best Party Hostel: The Nunnery
  2. Best Social Hostel: Nomads All Nations Hostel
  3. Best Hostel Closed to the Beach: Base ST Kilda

The Nunnery

A beautiful hostel with an amazing architecture and interior design; is located in the most popular part of Melbourne, with the friendliest staff you will find.

The Nunnery's structure allows visitors to enjoy different types of rooms alongside its elegant lounge areas, including courtyards where you can chill out or hang out with others.

For those travellers that are searching for an experience full of live music, bars and cafes, then Melbourne is the right place, and the Nunnery will not only put you close to these spots but also you'll be close to the famous areas to enjoy the city's nightlife.

The Nunnery has become quite famous among travellers who are looking for the best hostels in Melbourne thanks to their staff, who are dedicated to making the hostel a fun home for everybody. So you can expect from free breakfast every day all up to weekly pub crawls, BBQs, soup nights and more.

This hostel is located in Fitzroy, a hip area that is just a few minutes away from the city, where you'll meet the charms of the 19th-century and modern-day freshness. Its vintage charm have been kept since 1888, and it's good conditions comes with the friendly atmosphere that you'll find as soon as you enter.

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Nomads All Nations Hostel

A hostel for those travellers who are looking for a budget accommodation. If you stay at the All Nations Hostel you can expect a clean, friendly and safe place where you'll spend time socialising with other backpackers as yourself. And the best part, you'll find yourself sharing stories with them over a beer in the hostel's bar.

The hostel is also a place that has become a hotspot for the digital nomads because of its great location in one of the central cities in Melbourne.

The staff from the Nomads All Nations Hostel is a brilliant and friendly bunch of people who are there to make you feel just at home. So you can be sure that there's going to be a FREE pancake waiting for you every morning.

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Base ST Kilda

In Melbourne, you can find different types of amenities, such as live music, clubs and bars with DJs, affordable food, and top-notch service.

The Base ST Kilda is one of the best party hostels you can find in Melbourne; if you stay here, you can expect to enjoy a nice drink in the Red Eye Bar (the on-site bar from the hostel), which hosts wild parties with live music and DJs.

You'll be able to find different nightly events, such as:

  • Barbecues nights for free
  • Ladies' nights
  • Trivia's nights
  • Meal nights
  • And more!

You can also enjoy the popular areas from the hostel like their common area where you can chat with other travellers or relax after an adventurous day.

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About Melbourne's Nightlife

This city has a lot to offer, from trendy bars and clubs; after all, it is a place that people from different parts of the world gather.

If you visit Melbourne, you'll find glamorous attractions, like the Federation Square and the Eureka Tower, from where you can go to the top of the skyscraper and have an incredible view that covers the cityscape. And if you go a little higher, you'll find yourself enjoying the breathtaking views while having a few drinks on the Eureka 89 bar.

This city is fantastic, travellers will find themselves enjoying its food, art and music; without mentioning the vibrant street art, hipster culture, and a wide range of restaurants, clubs and bars.

Melbourne's nightlife has been such a boom that now it rivals against great party capitals such as Miami and London.

If you visit the city, you'll find yourself immersed in the animated and lively atmosphere from the nightclubs and bars you can find.

When walking throughout Melbourne you'll find streets full of them, and even in unexpected places you can find an original place to have a great time.

The Best Party Bars That You Should Visit in Melbourne

Madame Brussels

A popular rooftop bar in Melbourne, Madame Brussels it's a fun with a "fancy" style bar, with a wide range of cocktails. It's located in the fantastic central Melbourne; this place is a country club with a rooftop terrace, indoor seats, and overall a bar with an original style where you can also have the chance of enjoying the beautiful views of Melbourne with a drink in your hands.

At Madame Brussels you'll find a bar that has different mixes of cocktails, wine, beers, punches and champagne. And, it also includes a food menu recognized for its popular cupcakes as also Cheese plates and Sausage Rolls.

This place has become such a popular place in Melbourne that you will have to get there early, as it gets really busy quite quickly.

If you're in Melbourne, this place is a must in your checklist, going from the different settings as also the fun atmosphere it has.

Eau de Vie

A fantastic Australian bar, which has evolved into a trendy and absolute must visit in Melbourne. Their fame has transcended borders and it is even considered as one of the most famous bars in the world.

Eau de Vie was a hidden bar that now everyone is searching to find when visiting Melbourne. This bar is always full of people enjoying a large amount of cocktails and drinks.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the jazz music and have the option to spend time with others in their private booths.

The Eau de Vie still stands as one of the greatest places you can visit if you’re travelling around Melbourne; and besides the wide range of drinks and creative presentations, you can also enjoy from the bar’s plates that are considered delicious and fabulous on the hundreds reviews you can find on the Internet about this bar.


Ferdydurke is a hidden bar that you'll enjoy through your trip in Melbourne, the place is regularly full of live music and DJ sets, and in here you'll also have the chance to enjoy their impressive cocktails while chilling out with their party atmosphere.

Located in a popular area, Ferydurke is the most laid-back bar you can find in the venue.

The bar has great spots such as the large wooden fireplace which is often gathered with people during winter. Ferdydurke it's considered as one of the best bars where you can spend a good time with your group.


A bar with an amazing history, 1806 makes honour to its name after the year that the word "cocktail" started to be used and it's an opportunity to take a time in a golden moment from history.

This award-winning bar has been a recognized place for several years already.

One of the things you'll find from this bar is having the chance to enjoy their premium and finest cocktails. Going from original creations all up to classics.

1806 is located in the heart of the city, the iconic cocktail bar has become so popular due to its fancy furnishing and its old fashion service; you just need to sit down and enjoy a time in a golden time in history.

Bar Ampere

A bar with a brilliant artistic atmosphere, the Bar Ampere has a Gothic-style place which is specialised in one of the best drinks that exists: absinthe.

If you visit the Bar Ampere you'll find an amazing atmosphere with exposed power cords, graffities, barbed bulbs and an illuminated decoration with wine bottles.

You can expect an impressive amount of dishes, wine, cocktails and apéritifs.