Best Party Hostels in Lagos

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Lagos, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Lagos is a city with a wide cultural and historical offering, but also with a thriving party scene for those looking to have a good time between sight-seeing sessions. Travelling solo or in group, if you are looking for hostels where you can meet like-minded people looking to have fun in Lagos these hostels are the place to go! Friendly staff, fun atmosphere and plenty of organised activities to encourage guest socialising. Book now and prepare to unleash the fun in Lagos

Our Choice of Best Party Hostels in Lagos

Rising Cock Party Hostel

Rising Cock Party Hostel has been going strong since 2004, attracting global travellers, international students, and party enthusiasts who want to have a blast, unwind, and truly experience the vibrant spirit of Lagos.

The party aspect of Rising Cock is unparalleled. From the moment you check in until you check out, the hostel ensures that the party never stops. Join their exclusive and free Pub Crawl to explore the best nightlife spots in Lagos with fellow guests, creating unforgettable memories along the way. And if you wake up with a hangover, don't worry! Momma's legendary crepes and magical lemon tea will nurse you back to life.

Apart from the lively party atmosphere, Rising Cock offers an intimate and welcoming vibe. It feels more like staying at your best friend's beach house, with spacious layouts and communal areas. Whether you choose to relax on the outdoor terrace, sink into the comfortable couches in the new lounge, or enjoy the convenience of free Wi-Fi in your room, there are plenty of spaces to unwind and connect with other travellers.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests absolutely love the Rising Cock Party Hostel for its fantastic party atmosphere and social environment. They rave about the easy and fun opportunities to meet fellow travellers without it being too intense. The hostel's famous morning crepes are a huge hit, leaving guests dreaming about them and wanting to return. The pub crawls organised by the hostel are highly praised and recommended for a great night out. The staff is described as amazing, friendly, and helpful, making the experience even more enjoyable. Guests appreciate the spacious and comfortable beds, perfect for resting after a night of partying.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Unforgettable party experience in the heart of Lagos
  • Exclusive and FREE Pub Crawl to explore the city's vibrant nightlife
  • Momma's legendary crepes and magical lemon tea to cure hangovers
  • Conveniently located in the historical district, close to restaurants, bars, and picturesque beaches

Cloud 9 Hostel

Cloud 9 Hostel , located in the heart of Lagos' historic centre, is a perfect choice for party-loving travellers. By day, you can soak up the sun at the nearby beautiful beaches, and by night, you're just steps away from the famous nightlife scene. The hostel's ideal location ensures that you have everything you need within walking distance, from thrilling water sports and kayak trips to grotto exploration and fishing adventures.

On the top floor, guests can unwind and take in the stunning views of the sea and city from the wide terrace, which offers the perfect spot to witness breathtaking sunrises. The second floor of the hostel features a spacious common area equipped with cable TV, games, books, movies, and free Wi-Fi access. Additionally, there's a terrace with a fantastic sea and city view, creating an inviting space for socialising and meeting fellow travellers.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests absolutely love Cloud 9 Hostel for its inviting and party-friendly atmosphere. The hostel's cleanliness and daily maintenance are highly praised, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for guests. The social and relaxed atmosphere allows for easy mingling and meeting new people, with the rooftop terrace and balcony serving as perfect spots to chill and socialise. Cloud 9 Hostel's convenient location near all necessary amenities is also highlighted, making it a great base for exploring Lagos. Overall, guests rave about the friendly staff, comfortable beds, impeccable cleanliness, and opportunities to socialise and connect with fellow travellers.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Perfect location in Lagos' historic centre, close to beaches and vibrant nightlife
  • Wide range of activities available, including water sports, kayak trips, and grotto exploration
  • Breathtaking views from the top-floor terrace
  • Spacious common area with entertainment options

Sol A Sol Hostel

Sol A Sol Hostel is the ultimate destination for backpackers seeking a perfect combination of fun and relaxation in Lagos. This hostel offers an extensive range of activities that will keep you entertained throughout your stay. Whether it's exploring the stunning Benagil Cave or embarking on adrenaline-fuelled mountain biking adventures along the captivating cliffs of Lagos to Praia Da Luz, Sol A Sol has it all. The hostel's friendly and knowledgeable staff create a welcoming and sociable atmosphere. They are always ready to share insider tips and secrets that only the locals know.

One of the standout features of Sol A Sol is its massive rooftop terrace, providing breathtaking 360° views of the town and the sea. It's the perfect spot to unwind and soak in the vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, the hostel offers a range of facilities, including a comfortable lounge with a large LED TV and free Wi-Fi throughout the premises.

Conveniently located in the heart of Lagos, Sol A Sol is just a short distance away from the picturesque beaches and popular bars that attract contented travellers year after year.

Guest Reviews Overview

Sol a Sol Hostel is praised by guests for its lively and social atmosphere, making it the ideal party destination. The rooftop layout and common room create a vibrant and energetic environment from the moment you arrive. Guests appreciate the central location, which is in proximity to the party scene and offers pub crawls for those seeking an unforgettable nightlife experience. The staff receives high praise for their helpfulness and genuine care for each guest. The hostel organises rooftop dinners every night, providing the perfect opportunity for guests to mingle and connect. The sense of community is strong, making it an excellent choice for solo travellers. The hostel's emphasis on creating a social atmosphere without being overly wild or chaotic is highly appreciated.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Exciting activities such as cave tours, surf tours, and bike tours
  • Friendly and sociable atmosphere, promoting a sense of community
  • Breathtaking views from the rooftop terrace
  • Convenient location near beautiful beaches and lively bars

The Island Hostel

Situated in the heart of the vibrant old town, The Island Hostel offers unbeatable convenience for exploring the region and indulging in both day and nightlife adventures. From surfing the Algarve's famous waves to relaxing on our patio gardens with stunning views, this hostel has it all.

The hostel's cool bar inside is a lively hub where fellow travellers gather to share stories, laughter, and a few rounds of cerveja. It's the perfect place to kick-start your night before hitting the town, or to wind down after a day of exploring the stunning beaches and exciting activities Lagos has to offer. The hostel boasts easy walking access to all parts of Lagos, including the breathtaking beaches, lively marina, and a plethora of excellent bars and restaurants.

In addition to its prime location, The Island Hostel provides fantastic facilities for party enthusiasts. The chillout lounge sets the perfect ambiance to unwind and mingle with fellow travellers, while the rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views and a vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, the hostel organises an array of exciting activities such as surfing lessons, kayak trips, boat tours, fishing trips, and even adrenaline-pumping experiences like skydiving and paragliding.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests rave about The Island Party Hostel for its incredible party atmosphere and helpful staff. They appreciate the lively vibe, with various chill areas and a beautiful rooftop terrace that offers stunning views of the old town. The hostel's central location in Lagos allows guests to easily access everything they need within a few minutes' walk, including the vibrant nightlife. The friendly and accommodating staff receive high praise for their outstanding hospitality. While some mention that the music from the bar downstairs can be loud on weekends, the comfortable beds and overall positive vibes make up for it.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Vibrant day and nightlife experiences
  • Easy walking access to beaches, marina, shops, and restaurants
  • Lively bar and rooftop terrace for socialising
  • Exciting activities including surfing, kayaking, and boat tours

Old Town Hostel

Old Town Hostel is the ultimate destination for party-loving travellers in Lagos. This small and vibrant hostel is a favourite among young people, creating an energetic and lively atmosphere that's perfect for those seeking an unforgettable party experience.

The friendly and youthful staff at Old Town Hostel will warmly welcome you and ensure your stay is filled with excitement. Get ready for a wide range of activities and musical gatherings, including family dinners, BBQs, and trips to the breathtaking Benagil caves. Watch the sunsets with fellow travellers and celebrate the reopening of the hostel for another amazing season.

Conveniently located in the heart of Lagos' historic centre, Old Town Hostel is just a short walk away from Batata Beach and the train station. Explore the city's vibrant nightlife and enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from the nearby Lagos Castle.

The hostel provides a comfortable common room, cleaned daily, where you can relax and connect with other guests. Film nights on the large flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel add to the entertainment.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests rave about the Old Town Hostel for its fantastic party atmosphere and social vibe. They appreciate the prime location, which allows them to experience everything Lagos has to offer. The hostel's small size adds to its genuine and intimate atmosphere, perfect for connecting with fellow travellers. Guests love the social areas and the presence of good music throughout the day, enhancing the party atmosphere. Many guests highly recommend this hostel and express their intention to return, emphasising that it's their favourite hostel experience so far. With its social ambiance, welcoming staff, and prime location, the Old Town Hostel is a top choice for party-loving travellers in Lagos.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Lively and energetic party atmosphere
  • Proximity to Batata Beach and Lagos Castle
  • Comfy common room and daily cleaning
  • Exciting activities such as cave tours, sunset tours, and boat parties

Top City Hostel & Suites

Top City Hostel & Suites is the epitome of a party hostel, ideally located within the pulsating heart of Lagos' historic district. With its chic rooftop pool and vibrant garden bar, this hostel is not just a place to stay; it's a destination for making memories and new friends. As the sun sets, the hostel transforms into a lively social hub, hosting themed parties, meal nights, and even limbo dancing under the stars. It's the perfect venue for travellers looking to dive into the local nightlife and enjoy a festive atmosphere.

Set within the Old City Wall, Top City Hostel & Suites offers more than just exceptional party experiences. It's surrounded by the city’s key historical landmarks, and just a stone's throw away from bustling shops, exquisite dining, and vibrant cultural sites. The hostel's staff are passionate about Lagos and eager to help guests explore, offering tips and organising activities that showcase the best of the city. From the moment you check in, expect to be engulfed in a world of fun, with the hostel's secure, comfortable, and technologically savvy environment ensuring every need is met.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests absolutely rave about their stays at Top City Hostel, particularly praising its vibrant social atmosphere and well-organised party activities like bar crawls and beach walking tours. The hostel's prime location enhances the party vibe, making it a magnet for those looking to immerse themselves in local nightlife and meet fellow travellers. The standout features repeatedly mentioned include the clean facilities, the beautiful rooftop area, and the engaging and friendly staff who go out of their way to ensure guests have a memorable experience. Events like the bar crawl are especially popular, making it easy for solo travellers and groups alike to connect and have fun.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Rooftop pool and garden bar perfect for parties
  • Hosts themed events like meal nights and limbo dancing
  • Located within walking distance to major historical landmarks

What are the best party hostels in Lagos?

When it comes to the best party hostels in Lagos, there are a few standouts that offer unforgettable experiences. The Rising Cock Party Hostel takes the crown as the ultimate party destination. With its lively atmosphere, themed events, and energetic staff, this hostel knows how to throw an epic party. Cloud 9 Hostel is another fantastic choice, offering a vibrant social scene and organised activities like pub crawls and beach parties. Sol A Sol Hostel also deserves a mention, with its lively ambiance, friendly staff, and proximity to the city's nightlife hotspots. Whether you choose the Rising Cock Party Hostel for its legendary parties, Cloud 9 Hostel for its vibrant social scene, or Sol A Sol Hostel for its lively ambiance, you're guaranteed an incredible party experience in Lagos.

What are party hostels like in Lagos?

Party hostels in Lagos are characterised by their lively, social atmospheres. They're located in convenient areas close to the city's vibrant nightlife. With chillout lounges, rooftop terraces, and organised events like pub crawls and themed dinners, these hostels provide the perfect setting for an exciting and memorable party experience. Friendly staff, free Wi-Fi, and comfortable accommodations add to the overall appeal. Party hostels in Lagos offer an ideal combination of fun and convenience, ensuring an unforgettable time for party-loving travellers.

FAQ About Party Hostels in Lagos

Are hostels in Lagos safe?

Hostels in Lagos are generally safe for travellers. It is advisable to choose reputable hostels with good reviews and security measures in place. Taking basic precautions like using lockers for valuables and being aware of your surroundings will ensure a safe and enjoyable stay.

How much do party hostels in Lagos cost?

Party hostels in Lagos offer a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets. Prices can vary depending on the location, facilities, and time of year. On average, you can expect to pay around €15-€30 per night for a bed in a party hostel in Lagos.

Does Lagos have a nightlife?

Yes, Lagos has a vibrant nightlife scene. The city is known for its lively bars, clubs, and beach parties. Visitors can enjoy a variety of music, dancing, and socialising until the early hours of the morning. Lagos offers something for everyone, whether you prefer laid-back beachside bars or energetic clubs.

Is Lagos a party town?

Yes, Lagos is considered a party town. With its lively atmosphere, bustling nightlife, and numerous party hostels, it attracts young and energetic travellers looking for a vibrant social scene. From beach parties to pub crawls, Lagos offers plenty of opportunities to let loose and enjoy a memorable party experience.

Is Lagos good for clubbing?

Lagos is a fantastic destination for clubbing. With its vibrant nightlife, numerous clubs, and energetic party scene, Lagos offers a thrilling clubbing experience for all night owls and party enthusiasts.

Where can I hangout in Lagos at night?

There are several great places to hang out in Lagos at night. The Old Town area is a popular choice, with its lively bars, restaurants, and clubs. The Marina district is another hotspot, offering a mix of waterfront venues and trendy establishments. Additionally, the main streets of Rua 25 de Abril and Rua Cândido dos Reis are lined with vibrant bars and nightlife options.