Best Area to Stay in Krakow for Nightlife

The Old Town is where you should stay for partying. This is a historical area which is combined with modern life, so a lot of buildings there have pubs, clubs or restaurants even at the underground level. The best clubs and pubs are located there. The competition is crazy, that is why most of the clubs are open until 5 am or even until the last guest leaves. The atmosphere is unique, you can hear all the music genres there.

Why Krakow is one of the best cities to party?

1 Jewish quarter

The Jewish quarter of Krakow (Kazimierz in Polish) constituted the second largest Jewish community in Europe after Prague. During WWII the Jews of Kazimierz were forced into a crowded ghetto by the Nazis, but the quarter is still home of Jewish culture and good parties. Nevertheless, the neighbourhood has significantly changed and now has a strong international and student vibe. Today Kazimierz is full of cosy art cafes, galleries and antique shops. If you can only visit one bar, make sure you pay to visit to Alchemia.

2 Vodka

The word vodka come from Poland. "Wódka" referred to medicines and cosmetic products and the drink what we know today as vodka was believed to be a medicinal drink that could increase fertility and awaken lust. If you're confident in your drinking ability, we suggest you to do a Vodka Marathon , but if not we suggest you to do a Vodka and food tour to learn how to taste vodka. Our Polish vodkas are: Wiśniówka, Żołądkowa Gorzka, Krupnik, Żubrówka and Goldwasser.

3 Parties in the Vistula river

The Vistula river (or Wisla in Polish) has some nice bars as Barka, a Dutch cargo where you can party in sunbathing in the afternoon or in the night with some of the best electronic DJs. But if you want to have the time of your life, the best deal that we have found in Krakow is this 2-hour open bar party that also includes a 3-hour pub crawl and free club entry.

4 Beer

Craft beer bars are growing like mushrooms in Krakow. But if you don't have time to visit them all, don't panic. We suggest you to do a beer tasting tour . If you prefer industrial beer, you can have a Żywiec instead. If you look at Żywiec's front label you will see a man and a woman dancing the Krakowiak, a traditional dance from Kraków

5 Zapiekanka

When the party is over or before starting the party, locals love to have a Zapiekanka. A Zapiekanka is half of a baguette with your choice of toppics. Mos popular ingredients are mushrooms, cheese and ketchup. The place to have it? Okrąglak, the round building in the center of Plac Nowy.