Our Choice of Best Party Hostels in Koh Phangan

Bodega Pool Party Koh Phangan Hostel

Bodega Pool Party Koh Phangan Hostel is the ultimate party hostel for travellers who want to experience the vibrant party scene of Koh Phangan. At Bodega, the focus is on creating a community of fun-loving party-goers from all over the world. The hostel offers nightly drinking games, tropical drinks surrounded by palm trees and a warm breeze, and good food and booze. Guests can party with fellow travellers, make new friends, and dance the night away before heading out to the Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach, just a short walk away.

But the party scene is just the beginning. Bodega is conveniently located near local food market vendors and shops, and is a short drive to the famous white sandy beaches, lush forests, scuba diving and snorkelling adventures that Koh Phangan has to offer. The hostel also features an awesome swimming pool, a chill-out area with a bar, and comfortable beds to rest up before the next night of partying.

If you're looking for a hostel that offers a great social experience, good people, good vibes, and comfortable beds, Bodega Pool Party Hostel Koh Phangan is the right place. Come experience the ultimate Full Moon Party pregame and make unforgettable memories with fellow travellers from all over the world.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests love Bodega Pool Party Koh Phangan Hostel for its amazing party atmosphere, great location, and friendly staff. The hostel offers a perfect mix of tranquillity and fun, with an awesome swimming pool, pool tables, bar, and restaurant. The hostel's location is ideal for those who want to experience the famous party scene of Koh Phangan. Guests appreciate the amazing deals with drinks and taxis for the party that the hostel offers. The hostel has a community feel, and the staff are super friendly and helpful with everything, making guests feel welcome.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Nightly drinking games and tropical drinks
  • Convenient location within walking distance to Haad Rin Beach
  • Awesome swimming pool and chill-out area with a bar
  • Great social experience and opportunity to make new friends

Bodega Beach Party Koh Phangan

Bodega Beach Party Koh Phangan is a great choice for party animals looking to stay by the beach. Located on the coast of Koh Phangan, this beach front hostel offers everything needed to make unforgettable memories. With endless parties, nightly drinking games, and a party bar on the beach, guests are guaranteed to have an exciting time. Enjoy warm sunny beach days, meet new friends while playing beer pong by the pool, and participate in fire dance events. This hostel is the perfect spot to kick-start an epic island experience with good people, good vibes, and comfortable beds.

Apart from its party atmosphere, Bodega Beach Party Koh Phangan offers a comfortable stay with its clean rooms and great facilities. Enjoy the scenic view of Koh Phangan's stunning sandy beaches, scuba diving, snorkelling adventures, and lush forests. The hostel is strategically located near the iconic Full Moon party and other popular attractions, making it a convenient spot for travellers looking to explore the island.

Guest Reviews Overview

This hostel's beach front location is a big draw for guests. They love being able to relax during the day on the beach and hang out at the hostel's restaurant for meals. The rooms are clean and spacious, and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. While the atmosphere could be quieter at times, the hostel does host good parties, and guests have had a great time overall. Some guests recommend having a scooter to get around, which can be rented nearby. The hostel is a great choice for those who want to enjoy Koh Phangan's beach scene and are looking for a more laid-back party experience.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Endless parties and nightly drinking games
  • Amazing beach front location
  • Party bar on the beach
  • Fire dance events
  • Beer pong by the pool

The Wanderlust Hostel

The Wanderlust Hostel in Koh Phangan is a fun and social party hostel that welcomes travellers from all walks of life. The hostel encourages guests to live simply and have fun while exploring the captivating island. The hostel offers a wide range of social activities such as free family dinners, BBQs, and pool parties with a poolside bar, pool table, and soccer table. The hostel also has a yoga space and provides opportunities for guests to dance and listen to music. During the full moon week, the energy level cranks up, and guests can enjoy vibrant nightlife with a party ticket. Even during quieter off-weeks, lively people staying at the hostel ensure that guests have a great time. The hostel has a female-only dormitory, mixed dormitories, and capsule dormitories with bed separation, privacy curtains, power outlets, and lockers for added privacy and security.

The hostel also provides guests with the necessities to ensure that they have an enjoyable stay. The hostel has a swimming pool complete with a large sun deck and sun beds, shared shower and toilet facilities, and a chilling area. Wanderlust Hostel also offers paid facilities such as a sauna, taxi/bus/train/ferry tickets, scooter rental, laundry service, and yoga classes. The staff, volunteers, and owners are sincere, loving, and hard-working people who are passionate about improving guests' experiences. Wanderlust Hostel is conveniently located at the heart of Koh Phangan, only a 5-minute drive from the Thongsala Pier.

Guest Reviews Overview

The guests seem to really enjoy this party hostel for its lively and social atmosphere, as well as its fun events and tours organised by the staff. They particularly appreciate the approachable and accommodating staff, as well as the clean and comfortable dorm rooms with personal amenities like curtains, sockets, and lights. While the location may not offer many activities, guests can rent a scooter from the hostel to explore the area. Some guests note that it can be noisy, but they came for the party experience and it did not bother them. The only downside mentioned is the lack of food on site, but there are nearby options. Overall, guests seem to have a great time at this hostel and appreciate its unique and fun atmosphere.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Social activities such as free family dinners, BBQs, and pool parties
  • Swimming pool, poolside bar, pool table, and soccer table
  • Sauna, taxi/bus/train/ferry tickets, scooter rental, laundry service, and yoga classes

WET! a Pool Party Hostel by Wild & Wandering

WET! a Pool Party Hostel by Wild & Wandering is a perfect choice for those who want to experience the best party scene in Koh Phangan. This hostel is the largest party group on the island and it's all about having fun, making new friends, and having unforgettable experiences. The party atmosphere at WET! is centred around their party pool, complete with a pool bar and DJ booth. There are pre- and post-parties at the pool bar, as well as at their sister Karaoke Bar and Speakeasy hidden bar. All the properties are within walking distance and guests can enjoy all the facilities and activities available in each one.

Apart from the amazing party scene, the hostel offers comfortable and stylish accommodation options. Overall, WET! a Pool Party Hostel by Wild & Wandering is an amazing choice for travellers looking to have the ultimate party experience in Koh Phangan.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests rave about WET!, calling it a fantastic party hostel that exceeds expectations. They loved the social atmosphere and the opportunity to meet new people while partying in the pool or at the nearby Full Moon Party. Guests also appreciated the cleanliness of the hostel and the helpfulness of the staff. Some even extended their stay and said they would book again in the future. Despite some guests noting that groups tended to keep to themselves, they found the hostel to be a fun and enjoyable experience overall. With its great location, clean pool, and friendly staff, WET! is a great choice for travellers looking to have a fun and memorable time on Koh Phangan.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Largest hostel party group on the island
  • Party pool with pool bar and DJ booth
  • Pre- and post-parties at pool bar, Karaoke Bar, and Speakeasy hidden bar
  • Comfortable and stylish accommodation options

What are the best party hostels in Koh Phangan?

When it comes to the best party hostels on the island, Bodega Pool Party Koh Phangan is a top pick. This hostel offers an unbeatable party atmosphere with its daily pool parties, live DJs, and bar crawls. With its prime location in the centre of Haad Rin, guests are in the heart of the action and can easily experience Koh Phangan's famous parties. The Wanderlust Hostel is another great party hostel in Koh Phangan. The hostel hosts daily events such as family dinners, BBQs, and pool parties, providing ample opportunity for guests to socialise and meet new people. WET! a Pool Party Hostel by Wild & Wandering is also worth checking out for those looking for a fun and lively party atmosphere. With its daily pool parties, live DJs, and bar crawls, guests are guaranteed a good time.

What are party hostels like in Koh Phangan?

Party hostels in Koh Phangan are a unique experience, as they cater specifically to the full moon party-goers. They often have an on-site bar, which is a hub for socialising and meeting other travellers. The staff at these hostels are generally young and energetic, and they go out of their way to make sure that guests have a good time. They organise pre-parties, pub crawls, and other activities to get guests in the party mood. Guests are encouraged to participate in drinking games, dance competitions, and other social activities to create a fun and lively atmosphere. Party hostels in Koh Phangan are ideal for travellers who want to meet new people, party hard, and experience the famous full moon party.

FAQ About Party Hostels in Koh Phangan

Are hostels in Koh Phangan safe?

Yes, hostels in Koh Phangan are generally safe. However, it's always a good idea to take precautions and keep your belongings secure. Choose hostels with good reviews, lockers, and security features.

How much do party hostels in Koh Phangan cost?

Party hostels in Koh Phangan can range from €5 to €30 per night depending on the hostel's location, facilities, and time of the year.

Where is the best party in Koh Phangan?

The best party in Koh Phangan is the Full Moon Party, which takes place once a month on Haad Rin Beach. Other great parties include the Jungle Party, Half Moon Party, and Black Moon Culture.

Is Full Moon Party expensive?

The cost of Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan varies depending on your budget. You can find cheap accommodation and drinks on the beach or pay for VIP tickets at a high-end club. However, it's important to budget wisely and be aware of scams and pickpocketing.

What to expect from a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan?

Expect a wild, colourful and energetic party that attracts thousands of tourists every month. The party is held on Haad Rin Beach and lasts all night. You can expect loud music, neon body paint, and plenty of drinks. It's important to be prepared for large crowds and stay safe throughout the night.

What are the best places for nightlife in Koh Phangan?

Apart from the Full Moon Party, Ko Pha-Ngan offers a range of nightlife options. Some of the best places for nightlife include the lively Ban Tai village, the famous Amsterdam Bar, and the popular Reggae Pub. Other great options include the Secret Mountain, Jungle Experience, and the Cactus Bar.