Best Party Hostels in Hoi An

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Hoi An, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Hoi An is a city famous for tasty food and precious cultural heritage, but the city also offers a vibrant nightlife for those looking to have a good time between sight-seeing sessions. The peaceful city turns into a true party maniac after the sun goes down. Most of the clubs and bars are along Nguyen Thai Hoc and Le Loi streets. By the riverside, you can find plenty of great places where you can try local food but also enjoy your favourite drink. Travelling solo or in a group, the hostels we recommend here are the perfect place for those looking to meet like-minded people, with a fun atmosphere and plenty of organised activities to encourage guest socialising. Book now and prepare to unleash the fun in authentic Hoi An.

Our Choice of Best Party Hostels in Hoi An

Mad Monkey Hoi An

Mad Monkey Hoi An combines the charm of the UNESCO old town with the allure of stunning beaches, making it a haven for party-loving travellers. From its inviting pool and expansive common areas to the captivating deck overlooking lush rice paddies, every corner here exudes a lively vibe.

The real party scene, however, thrives at the alfresco-style bar and restaurant, where you can mingle, dance, and enjoy the spirited atmosphere. Mad Monkey Hoi An is more than just a place to rest your head – it's a hub for forging connections with fellow explorers and immersing yourself in the city's rich culture.

With an array of tours and experiences, your days will be brimming with excitement. And don't miss out on the Mad5, a curated list of unforgettable adventures that embody the 'Mad Monkey Way' of travel. Whether you're diving into local culture or lounging by the pool, this hostel ensures an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Hoi An's party spirit.

Guest Reviews Overview

Mad Monkey Hoi An has mastered the art of creating an electric atmosphere that effortlessly brings travellers together. With a calendar brimming with diverse nightly events and a convenient shuttle service to the old town's bars, mingling and partying become second nature. The sociable vibes, coupled with impeccable cleanliness and a welcoming team, elevate this hostel's charm. Enveloped by a captivating pool, delectable yet affordable food options, and a grand sense of fun, guests can't help but rave about the fantastic experience. The pub crawl is a must-do, adding to the lively reputation of this gem. While the hostel might be a short ride away from the Old Town, its shuttle service bridges the gap, ensuring non-stop revelry and making Mad Monkey Hoi An an ultimate favourite for all party enthusiasts.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Lush poolside parties and gatherings
  • Alfresco-style bar and restaurant for socialising
  • Vibrant deck area overlooking picturesque rice paddies
  • Curated Mad5 experiences for an authentic Hoi An adventure

Backhome Hostel and Bar

Backhome Hostel and Bar has perfected the art of combining convenience with an electric party atmosphere. Nestled right in the heart of the town, this hostel's prime location ensures that the party never stops. Whether you're exploring, shopping, or simply looking to meet fellow travellers, everything is right at your doorstep.

What truly sets Backhome apart is its vibrant communal spirit. The Restaurant and Bar serve up a tantalising mix of Western and local Vietnamese cuisine along with an array of drinks, setting the stage for unforgettable nights of celebration.

Your stay here includes a host of freebies, from Wi-Fi and water to parking and luggage storage. Plus, the hostel offers services like laundry and towel rental, making your stay even more convenient. If you're up for exploring beyond the hostel, the Top Gear tours and various excursion options keep the adventure alive.

Guest Reviews Overview

Backhome Hostel and Bar knows how to captivate its guests with an irresistible blend of comfort and camaraderie. Its exceptional location near the city centre ensures seamless access to the lively scene, while the inviting rooms and top-notch facilities create a haven for travellers seeking both relaxation and excitement. Guests rave about the unexpected hotel-like experience within the hostel's private rooms, complete with comfy beds and modern, spotless bathrooms. The party vibe extends to the mornings with a complimentary breakfast that includes made-to-order eggs, fresh pancakes, and a delightful array of treats. The staff's warmth and attentiveness resonate deeply with visitors, as they go the extra mile to provide assistance and create an atmosphere of genuine hospitality.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Central location for easy access to town's vibrant scene
  • Restaurant and Bar, offering a fusion of cuisines and drinks
  • Freebies: Wi-Fi, water, parking, luggage storage, and maps
  • Exciting tour options to explore the area's highlights

Bed Station Hostel & Pool Bar Hoi An

Step into the electrifying world of Bed Station Hostel & Pool Bar Hoi An , formerly known as Sunflower Hostel, and you'll find yourself immersed in an unforgettable party experience. This is more than just a place to stay; it's a vibrant hub where young souls from around the world come together.

The hostel's focal point, the large pool bar, becomes the epicentre of celebration. With dynamic common areas and a restaurant offering daily happy hours, the party doesn't stop here. The friendly staff take the party to new heights with engaging events like pool parties, quiz nights, beer pong battles, and themed dress-up extravaganzas.

Situated between Hoi An's enchanting ancient town and the stunning Cua Dai beach, the hostel's location is a seamless blend of coastal paradise and rustic countryside charm. Free outdoor swimming, daily mix drinks, delectable Western and local Vietnamese cuisine, and a host of services amplify the experience.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests rave about the exhilarating atmosphere at Bed Station Hostel & Pool Bar Hoi An. With a constant buzz of activity and events, the energy here is truly infectious. The highlight of the experience lies in the free drop-offs to the city for a night out, where the party spirit ignites. The inviting pool becomes a social hub, perfect for unwinding and mingling. Comfy beds, friendly staff, and delightful perks like free breakfast and water all day add to the charm. Although it's a bit of a walk to the town centre, the hostel's vibrant communal spaces and attentive staff overshadow any distance concerns. The daily dose of free drinks and a bustling crowd makes nights here unforgettable. From the welcoming reception staff to the excellent AC, Bed Station takes care of every detail, ensuring a lively, safe, and social experience for all party enthusiasts.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Lively pool bar and expansive common areas
  • Unforgettable events: pool parties, quiz nights, beer pong, and more
  • Free outdoor swimming pool and daily mix drinks
  • Delicious restaurant and bar with diverse food and drinks
  • Prime location between Hoi An's old town and Cua Dai beach

What are the best party hostels in Hoi An?

When it comes to experiencing the pulsating energy of Hoi An's nightlife, the best party hostels in the city are ready to paint your nights with unforgettable hues of celebration. Catering to the vibrant spirit of young travellers, these hostels have mastered the art of combining vibrant atmospheres with prime locations. Mad Monkey Hoi An emerges as an iconic name, luring party enthusiasts with its stunning pool, open spaces, and alfresco bar. Backhome Hostel and Bar, nestled in the heart of the town, offers a perfect blend of comfort and sociability, ensuring a memorable stay. Bed Station Hostel & Pool Bar Hoi An shines as a dynamic hub, with a large pool bar, lively events, and a party spirit that keeps guests engaged. Each of these hostels offers a unique experience that resonates with the city's lively pulse, making them the go-to spots for those seeking a memorable party scene.

What are party hostels like in Hoi An?

Party hostels in Hoi An are a vibrant blend of lively energy and sociable atmospheres, perfectly tailored for young travellers seeking a spirited and unforgettable experience. These hostels are hubs of excitement, offering a dynamic mix of amenities and activities that cater specifically to the party-loving crowd. From their central locations that provide easy access to Hoi An's nightlife to their inviting communal spaces designed for mingling and socialising, these hostels embody the essence of a lively and memorable party scene. With spacious pool bars, open-air restaurants, and a host of daily events, including pool parties, themed nights, and quiz competitions, party hostels in Hoi An foster an environment where making new friends and creating unforgettable memories is the norm. Whether it's dancing the night away, participating in exciting games, or simply lounging by the pool with a cold drink, these hostels offer an all-encompassing party experience that resonates with the adventurous spirit of young travellers.

FAQ About Party Hostels in Hoi An

Are hostels in Hoi An safe?

Absolutely. Party hostels in Hoi An prioritise safety. They offer secure accommodations and have vigilant staff. Many have lockers for personal items and controlled access.

How much do party hostels in Hoi An cost?

Party hostels in Hoi An offer diverse pricing. On average, dorm rooms range from €10 to €20 per night. Prices can vary based on facilities, location, and room types.

Does Hoi An have good nightlife?

Definitely. Hoi An boasts a vibrant nightlife scene. With lively bars, clubs, and party hostels, you'll find an array of entertainment options for all-night revelry.

Which area to stay in Hoi An?

For a charming stay, consider Hoi An Ancient Town with its historic ambiance and riverside charm. An Bang Beach offers a tranquil coastal vibe, while Cam Thanh flaunts a peaceful countryside setting.

What is the best time of year to visit Hoi An?

The best time is between February and April when the weather is mild and dry, avoiding both the rainy season (September to January) and the scorching heat of summer.

How many days do you need in Hoi An?

A 3 to 4-day stay in Hoi An strikes the perfect balance. This duration lets you delve into the city's rich culture, explore its historic charm, and fully immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife. With the city's top party hostels offering an array of events and experiences, you'll have ample time to enjoy the energetic atmosphere and social interactions.