Best Party Hostels in Hikkaduwa

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Hikkaduwa, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Hikkaduwa is famous for beautiful natural attractions, but the city also offers a thriving party scene for those looking to have a good time between sight-seeing sessions. The city is definitely the most popular party area in Sri Lanka, hosting and welcoming students and young travellers from all over the world. The main attractions among party maniac are wild swanky bars, and vibrant dance clubs located at the coast area. Travelling solo or in a group, the hostels we recommend here are the perfect place for those looking to meet like-minded people, with a fun atmosphere and plenty of organised activities to encourage guest socialising. Book now and prepare to unleash the adventure in lively Hikkaduwa.

Our Choice of Best Party Hostels in Hikkaduwa

Hummus Hostel & Restaurant

Are you ready for an unparalleled party adventure in Hikkaduwa? Look no further than Hummus Hostel & Restaurant . Located just a hop, skip, and jump away from the lively Narigama beach, this place guarantees an experience filled with thrills and unforgettable nights. Its location is the real winner, positioning you close to the heart of Hikkaduwa’s vibrant nightlife.

Imagine waking up and having the two main beaches just minutes away, ready for daytime fun before the evening's festivities. But even before you venture out, the on-site restaurant and bar are there to ensure you’re fuelled up, offering a range of flavours that cater to all tastes. The vibe? Think pulsating energy right from the moment you step in. The atmosphere encourages interaction, making it perfect for solo travellers or groups looking to mingle. The cherry on top? Your room's balcony that offers panoramic city views.

As night falls, the party doesn’t stop. Being close to the famous Hikkaduwa Coral Reef and the bustling bus station means the best of the city's party scenes are always within your reach. So, if a fusion of comfort, location, and vibrant energy is what you seek, Hummus Hostel & Restaurant should be on top of your list.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests are absolutely raving about Hummus Hostel's vibrant party ambiance and pristine facilities. A hot favourite among travellers, many describe it as a "new" hostel, highlighting its spotless environment and contemporary amenities. The atmosphere is consistently lauded as being electric and laid-back, ideal for those looking to mingle and soak in the fun vibes. Guests particularly appreciate the thoughtful touches, like complimentary Ceylon tea and coffee, and the relaxing common areas furnished with comfortable seating. Its prime location, a stone's throw from the beach, only adds to its appeal. The passion with which the owner runs Hummus is palpable, ensuring every guest feels welcomed and geared up for an unforgettable party experience. Highly recommended is a recurrent theme in the reviews, signalling its rising popularity as a top party hostel choice in Hikkaduwa.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Prime location opposite Narigama beach
  • Proximity to Hikkaduwa’s main party scenes and the Coral Reef
  • On-site restaurant and bar with diverse offerings
  • Vibrant atmosphere conducive to mingling and meeting fellow travellers
  • City-view balconies to soak in Hikkaduwa’s charm

Steffi’s Mandala

Welcome to Steffi’s Mandala , where the pulsating heart of partying meets the soul of sustainability. Perched on the celebrated Narigama beach, this vibrant hotel & hostel has carved out a reputation as the go-to gathering spot for energetic globetrotters and digital nomads. The moment you step in, you're greeted by an atmosphere that buzzes with excitement, making it evident that Steffi’s Mandala is Hikkaduwa’s hub for celebrations and forging new social connections.

While the location promises thrilling nights and beach-side revelry, the hostel’s commitment to eco-consciousness is truly commendable. This is beautifully complemented by the on-site restaurant serving delectable vegan and vegetarian cuisine, ensuring that guests can indulge responsibly. The bar, always brimming with energy, ensures the party vibe permeates the air until the wee hours.

But Steffi’s Mandala is not just about nighttime partying. From soul-soothing sunrise yoga sessions that prepare you for the day ahead to exhilarating kayak tours on Rathgama Lake and authentic Rice&Curry feasts, this place ensures a holistic party experience. In essence, it's where memories are made, stories are shared, and the spirit of celebration never wanes.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests are enamoured by Steffi’s Mandala, frequently praising its unbeatable beachfront location, which effortlessly sets the stage for vibrant parties and serene mornings alike. A particularly standout feature is the ambiance; the welcoming vibe and intricate attention to detail make guests instantly feel embraced by the party atmosphere. While some comment on the Western focus of the food, the vegetarian offerings receive rave reviews, signalling that eating as a veggie here is a joyous affair. Steffi herself is often commended for her warmth, ensuring that every guest's experience is personal and unforgettable. Above all, the genuine care of the staff stands out, turning this hostel into more than just a place to stay—it becomes a cherished memory of Hikkaduwa for many.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Prime location on the iconic Narigama beach
  • Vegan and vegetarian culinary delights from the on-site restaurant
  • A lively bar that ensures the party vibe remains untamed
  • Daytime activities like rejuvenating yoga and thrilling kayak tours

Kind & Love Guesthouse and Hostel

Kind & Love Guesthouse and Hostel in Hikkaduwa presents an ideal haven for travellers aiming to dive deep into the vibrant nightlife and rich culture of Sri Lanka. This hostel stands out for its commitment to providing a comfortable and sociable environment, where every guest feels part of a larger, adventurous community. The rooms, ranging from dorms to private spaces, are equipped with essential amenities such as mosquito nets, personal lockers, and strong Wi-Fi, ensuring a restful and secure stay. For those seeking a bit more comfort, air-conditioned rooms and private bathrooms offer a luxurious touch to the hostel experience.

The true charm of Kind & Love lies in its communal areas - a shared kitchen for culinary experiments, a lounge for engaging conversations, and a verdant balcony and terrace that invite relaxation and social interaction under the open sky. The hostel's round-the-clock front desk service and the delightful breakfast spread cater to guests' needs and desires, setting the stage for a memorable stay. Whether it's making new friends, exploring Hikkaduwa's lively party venues, or just finding a peaceful moment to relax, Kind & Love Guesthouse and Hostel encapsulates the essence of a vibrant traveller's community.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests adore Kind & Love Hostel for its welcoming atmosphere, cleanliness, and prime location near Hikkaduwa beach, making it an ideal spot for socialising and relaxation. The hostel, run by a friendly and accommodating family, offers a perfect mix of quiet surroundings for unwinding and easy access to beachside activities. Reviewers praise its affordability, the sociable environment conducive to meeting other travellers, especially for solo female travellers, and the delicious breakfasts featuring mango pancakes.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Social spaces like a common lounge, balcony, and terrace
  • Close to the beach
  • Ideal for meeting fellow travellers and enjoying Sri Lanka's party scene

What are the best party hostels in Hikkaduwa?

For the traveller seeking the ultimate party atmosphere, Hikkaduwa delivers. Top on the list are Hummus Hostel & Restaurant, renowned for its proximity to Narigama beach and vibrant atmosphere; Steffi’s Mandala, a blend of eco-consciousness and ceaseless party vibes; and Kind & Love Guesthouse and Hostel, where adrenaline-packed ocean adventures meet electrifying beachside parties. Each hostel presents its own unique charm, ensuring that every party-goer finds their perfect fit amidst the energetic heartbeats of Hikkaduwa.

What are party hostels like in Hikkaduwa?

Party hostels in Hikkaduwa are a unique blend of tropical relaxation and non-stop entertainment. They're more than just a place to rest; they're vibrant social hubs teeming with activities, events, and opportunities to connect with like-minded travellers. Expect to find beachfront bars transforming into dance floors, sunrise yoga sessions preceding nighttime revelries, and communal spaces fostering instant friendships. Many of these hostels are also eco-conscious, balancing the party ethos with a genuine commitment to sustainability. In essence, Hikkaduwa's party hostels capture the very spirit of this coastal paradise: lively, inclusive, and utterly unforgettable.

FAQ About Party Hostels in Hikkaduwa

Are party hostels in Hikkaduwa safe?

Yes, Hikkaduwa's party hostels prioritise guest safety, often providing security measures and staff to ensure a fun yet secure environment. However, as with all travel, exercising personal caution is recommended.

How much do party hostels in Hikkaduwa cost?

The cost of party hostels in Hikkaduwa varies based on amenities and location. On average, prices range from €6 to €15. Checking specific hostel websites or using our reviews can provide current rates and deals.

What is Hikkaduwa famous for?

Hikkaduwa is renowned for its palm-fringed beaches, vibrant coral reefs, thrilling water sports, and pulsating nightlife. It's a prime destination for party-goers and beach enthusiasts alike.

How long to spend in Hikkaduwa?

A stay of 3–5 days is ideal for Hikkaduwa, allowing ample time to explore its beaches, indulge in water activities, and immerse in the vibrant party scene.

What is the name of the beach in Hikkaduwa?

The primary beach in Hikkaduwa is Narigama beach, a popular spot for surfing, relaxation, and nightlife.

Is Hikkaduwa a small town?

Yes, Hikkaduwa is a small coastal town on Sri Lanka's southwestern coast, known for its laid-back vibes and lively beachfront activities.