What are the Party Hostels in Hamburg like?

  • Best Party Hostels in Hamburg: Generator Hamburg; Backpackers St.Pauli; Jugendherberge Hamburg Horner Rennbahn
  • Party hostel style: Party hostel
  • Craziness level: Yes
  • Parties on-site: Meininger Bar /Jugendherberge Bar
  • Pub Crawls: Yes

Party hostels in Hamburg can get pretty wild. Even though some of them don’t have regular on-site parties, they do serve drinks before taking the guests for a pub crawls

Best Area to Stay in Hamburg for Nightlife

Sankt Pauli is the best area for unforgettable nightlife. Especially its part closer to Reeperbahn, which is Hamburg's legendary nightlife street. You will find anything you want in the area: bars, pubs, (strip) clubs, cabarets and probably most importantly Hamburg's famous Red Light District! Even though the area is truly crazy, it is pretty safe, because of the high police presence.

Nightlife in Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the best clubbing hubs in Europe, with the hot clubs and buzzing bars on every corner. Locals are huge fans of beer and techno music, which is why you should visit Hamburg at least once in your lifetime. The city is hosting regular concerts of the world’s most famous musicians and DJs. No matter the season, dynamic Hamburg has always something to offer.

Basic information about nightlife in Hamburg:

  • Pubs and clubs closing times:
    • Bars and pubs: Monday to Thursday until Monday to Thursday until 01 am – Weekends until 02 am
    • Clubs: Monday to Thursday until Monday to Thursday until 04am – Friday and Saturday at 05am
  • Average cover charge for clubs: free - 10 €
  • Average price of pint of beer: 3 €
  • Famous neighbourhoods for partying: St. Pauli, Sternschanze
  • Famous events or parties: Hamburg Oktoberfest, mid of September

Best Party Areas in Hamburg

St. Pauli is the area where you should start your adventure. Here, you can find a famous Reeperbahn party street and Hamburg’s red light district. Just a short walk away from the popular Reeperbahn street, there is another nice party area, called Sternschanze. Sternschanze is a bit more exclusive, a trendy area with different vibes and atmosphere.

Party in Reeperbahn street

Reeperbahn street is a widely known 1-kilometre long street, crowded with amazing local and international bars and pubs. This is the place where you can try the best German, Jamaican, and even Japanese beer. Side streets offer nothing lee excitement, so feel free to get lost and explore the alternative places as well.

Very popular among the students, Ex-Sparr bar offers the cheapest beer in the neighbourhood, while the fancy Glanz & Gloria have the best cocktails for everyone’s taste. Molly Malone and Thomas Read are famous pubs, with a lively atmosphere and fun Irish spirit.

Party in Sternschanze

Known among the locals as just a ‘Schanze’, the area has a completely different atmosphere compared to the Reeperbahn street. Alternative vibes, designed cafes, and bars will give you a whole new experience of Hamburg’s party scene.

Kulturhaus 73 is a fun mixture of bars, clubs, cinemas, and cafés. Crowded with people during the day and night, the place is hosting daily events and concerts. Another famous party place is a vibrant Absinth Bar, with more than 400 tastes of this bohemian green spirit.

Party in Fishmarkt

After a crazy night out, the Fishmarkt is the inevitable place to visit. Hamburg’s fish market turns into a vibrant afterparty when young people come to taste traditional bun with fish. Of course, the meal is always followed by a good, local beer.

Dress codes & age restrictions

Casual clothes will give you no problem, especially in the easy-going districts like St. Pauli. Some of the guests wear even sneakers and t-shirts in the clubs. However, there are certain places which might require a more sophisticated look than shorts and sandals.

When It comes to age limit, Hamburg is known as one of the most liberal cities around the world. The minimum age for entering the bar, disco, or even striptease clubs is 16.