Best Party Hostels in Florianopolis

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Florianopolis, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Florianopolis is a city famous for paradise-like beaches, but the city is also known as one of the best party destinations in the world. Brazilians brought the term “party” into a whole new level, and the nightlife in Florianopolis is something you should definitely explore. Travelling solo or in a group, the hostels we recommend here are the perfect place for those looking to meet like-minded people, with a fun atmosphere and plenty of organised activities to encourage guest socialising. Book now and prepare to unleash the fun in lively Florianopolis.

Our Choice of Best Party Hostels in Florianopolis

Geckos Hostel Florianopolis

Geckos Hostel Florianopolis is a one-of-a-kind party hostel that seamlessly combines eco-friendliness with a lively social scene. Nestled in the heart of Lagoa da Conceicao, this hostel is a hotspot for environmentally conscious backpackers and party enthusiasts alike.

The outdoor area is a paradise for mingling, featuring a sun-soaked pool, lush gardens, and comfy hammocks. The pool and ping pong tables add to the fun. The buzzing on-site bar is a hub of activity, serving up some of the most delicious caipirinhas on the island.

Geckos Hostel offers more than just a great atmosphere; it's perfectly situated near beautiful beaches, sand dunes, bars, clubs, and restaurants. They go the extra mile with services like kayak, bike, moto, and car rentals, as well as special deals on exciting activities such as surfing and paragliding classes.

Accommodation options range from shared dormitories to private rooms, all including linens, fast Wi-Fi, pool and ping pong tables, body boards, board games, and beach toys. During the day, the hostel organises fantastic island trips, and at night, it's all about savouring typical Brazilian barbecues.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests absolutely love Geckos Hostel Florianopolis for its vibrant and sociable party atmosphere. The hostel boasts a fantastic pool and a social area where travellers can easily connect and make new friends. The enthusiastic and helpful staff members add to the party spirit, ensuring everyone has a great time. The atmosphere here is consistently described as amazing, and the location couldn't be better. It's a place where you can meet really nice people, enjoy a friendly vibe, and connect with fellow travellers. While some guests wish for more showers and bathrooms, they praise the social aspect, especially the welcoming staff and Max, who goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. This is the ultimate choice for those seeking a social, well-equipped, and lively party hostel experience in Floripa.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Vibrant outdoor area with a pool and games
  • Lively on-site bar serving top-notch caipirinhas
  • Ideal location near beaches, bars, and clubs
  • Exciting activity offerings like surfing and paragliding classes
  • Fun island trips and Brazilian barbecues

The Search House Beachfront Hostel

The Search House Beachfront Hostel is the ultimate party haven in Florianopolis. Situated right on a 14 km stretch of pristine beachfront, it offers an unbeatable natural backdrop framed by lush green gardens.

The Search House Beachfront Hostel is not just a place to party; it's THE party destination. With a fully equipped outdoor bar featuring a top-notch sound system, they host epic parties with live music and DJs. Regular activities like yoga, meditation, and ping-pong tournaments keep the energy levels high. Plus, they provide a shuttle service to the hottest nightspots in town.

But what truly sets this hostel apart is its commitment to partying and fun. They offer an array of activities, from surfing and kayaking to snorkelling, kitesurfing, and even skateboarding. For those who prefer a slower pace, there's the option to explore the island on foot or relax by the pool.

Complementing the lively atmosphere is a complimentary healthy breakfast, a fully equipped guest kitchen, a comfy lounge with a big screen TV and PlayStation. It's a vibrant and fun-filled paradise, perfect for young travellers seeking an unforgettable party experience in Florianopolis.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests rave about The Search House Beachfront Hostel for its epic party vibes and social atmosphere. Situated right on the beach, this hostel offers the ideal backdrop for party-loving travellers. The stunning location, combined with friendly staff and a lively atmosphere, makes it a top choice for those seeking a fun-filled stay. The lush garden with a pool, hammocks, and plenty of relaxation spots adds to the party ambiance. The hostel's food, value for money, and well-equipped kitchen receive accolades. It's a hub for sociable solo travellers and an easy place to meet cool people. With easy beach access and helpful staff, it's no wonder this hostel is hailed as incredible and perfect for those looking to party by the beach.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Prime beachfront location
  • Exciting outdoor activities like surfing and kayaking
  • Fully equipped outdoor bar with live music and DJs
  • Shuttle service to top nightspots
  • Complimentary healthy breakfast and guest kitchen facilities

Innbox - Centro

Innbox - Centro , knows how to take the party to the next level with its lively Furdunço Cafeteria and Bar. This hostel redefines shared accommodation in Brazil while placing a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness.

The bar at Innbox Centro is the heartbeat of the party scene. Open 24/7, it's the ultimate spot for guests to satisfy their hunger, quench their thirst, and connect with fellow travellers. The bar exudes a vibrant atmosphere, making it a natural hub for socialising and creating unforgettable party experiences.

Located in the heart of Florianopolis, this hostel's prime location means you can explore the historic city centre on foot and easily access the city's main attractions and beaches. When you're not out exploring, the Furdunço Cafeteria and Bar offer the perfect setting to kick back, meet new people, and enjoy the party vibe.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests love Innbox Centro for its vibrant party atmosphere and exceptional cleanliness. They appreciate the friendly and helpful staff who go the extra mile to make them feel welcome. The on-site bar serves excellent coffee and a variety of great beers, adding to the party spirit. Even during events like Carnival, the hostel maintains a secure and enjoyable environment. The brand-new facilities, including the stylish bar, are a big hit among guests. While it's a bit far from the beaches, its proximity to downtown's main events compensates for it. Overall, Innbox Centro is a place where the staff's extraordinary friendliness and the lively atmosphere create an unforgettable party experience, making guests want to return again and again.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly accommodation
  • Prime location in the historic city centre
  • 24/7 Furdunço Cafeteria and Bar for socialising and partying
  • Easy access to Florianopolis' top attractions and beaches

Selina Floripa

Selina Floripa is the ultimate party paradise for travellers seeking a trendy and vibrant experience in Florianopolis, and its beachfront bar takes centre stage in the party scene. Nestled along the waterfront in Lagoa da Conceição, this hostel offers an eclectic mix of people and activities that make it a hotspot for partygoers. Surrounded by bars, hotels, restaurants, and boutiques, it's the trendiest spot to be on the island.

The beachfront bar is where the party truly comes alive. It's the perfect place to sip on fruity Brazilian cocktails, enjoy live music, and dance the night away with fellow travellers. The party spirit extends to water sports, with opportunities for canoeing, snorkelling, paddleboarding, and riding whitewater waves at Praia Mole Beach. Exploring Barra da Lagoa's fishing town allows you to connect with Floripa's islander community.

With a host of amenities like a cinema room, swimming pool, surf club, and spa, it's the perfect place for travellers to embrace the fun-loving, friendly Brazilian lifestyle.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests love Selina Floripa for its prime beachfront location and the lively party atmosphere it offers. The hostel's beach bar right across from the beach is a major highlight, providing a perfect setting for beach parties and socialising. The rooms, although slightly tight on space, receive praise for their comfortable beds and ample lockable storage. Guests appreciate the vibrant atmosphere, and the hostel hosts numerous events that keep the party going. The restaurant's delicious dishes and the friendly staff, particularly Bia, are also highly rated. While some mention minor issues with cleanliness and maintenance, Selina Floripa's overall infrastructure, location, and incredible ambiance make it the top choice for party-loving travellers in Florianopolis.

Party hostel highlights:

  • Trendy and vibrant atmosphere with a beachfront bar
  • Water sports and beach activities galore
  • Amenities like a cinema room, swimming pool, and surf club
  • Perfect for finding work-life balance among Brazilians

What are the best party hostels in Florianopolis?

Florianopolis, a vibrant Brazilian paradise known for its stunning beaches and lively atmosphere, offers a range of fantastic party hostels to cater to the fun-loving crowd. Among the top picks is Geckos Hostel Florianopolis, an eco-friendly gem in Lagoa da Conceicao, where guests can soak up the sun, enjoy caipirinhas at the buzzing on-site bar, and take part in thrilling island adventures. Another standout is The Search House Beachfront Hostel, a beachfront haven with spacious rooms, an outdoor bar hosting epic parties, and a prime location for water sports and socialising. Finally, Selina Floripa stands out for its prime beachfront location, beach bar, and regular events that keep the party spirit alive.

What are party hostels like in Florianopolis?

Party hostels in Florianopolis are all about creating an unforgettable party experience amidst the backdrop of stunning beaches, water sports, and a lively Brazilian atmosphere. These hostels offer an eclectic mix of people, vibrant social scenes, and a plethora of activities. From beachfront bars to regular events, the emphasis is on socialising and making new friends. Travellers can enjoy everything from surfing and paddleboarding to yoga and meditation, ensuring there's something for everyone. Accommodations range from spacious rooms to eco-friendly options, and amenities often include outdoor bars, swimming pools, and beach access. Florianopolis' party hostels are perfect for young, sociable travellers seeking a mix of adventure, relaxation, and unforgettable parties in this Brazilian paradise.

FAQ About Party Hostels in Florianopolis

Are hostels in Florianopolis safe?

Yes, hostels in Florianopolis prioritise safety. They offer secure lockers, 24/7 reception, and often have a friendly atmosphere. However, as in any destination, it's advisable to take standard safety precautions.

How much do party hostels in Florianopolis cost?

Party hostels in Florianopolis typically range from €10 to €40 per night, depending on room type and location. Shared dorms are more budget-friendly, while private rooms offer more comfort at a slightly higher cost.

Is Florianopolis a party town?

Yes, Florianopolis is known for its lively party scene. With a range of party hostels, beachfront bars, and vibrant nightlife, it's a top destination for those seeking a fun and festive atmosphere.

Where is the party area in Florianopolis?

The Lagoa da Conceicao area is a popular party hub in Florianopolis. It's home to numerous bars, clubs, and party hostels, making it a vibrant nightlife destination.

Where can I dance in Florianopolis?

Florianopolis offers a vibrant nightlife scene with plenty of dance spots. Some popular places to dance in Floripa include bars and clubs in Lagoa da Conceicao, Jurere, and Centro. For a unique beachside party, visit the Praia Mole area, known for beach clubs and music festivals.

Is it worth visiting Florianopolis, Brazil?

Absolutely! Florianopolis, known as the "Magic Island", is a stunning destination worth exploring. It's famous for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a wide range of water sports. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, Florianopolis offers a diverse experience that caters to all types of travellers.

What is Florianopolis best known for?

Florianopolis is best known for its breathtaking beaches, which are among the most beautiful in Brazil. The island is a water sports paradise, offering opportunities for surfing, windsurfing, and more. It's also renowned for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs, and party hostels, making it a top destination for young travellers looking to have a good time.