What are the Party Hostels in Chiang Mai like?

  • Best Hostels in Chiang Mai for partying: Bodega Chiang Mai Party Hostel
  • Best hostels in Chiang Mai for solo travellers: choose one that seems more focused on people travelling solo (with link)
  • Party hostel style: Party hostel
  • Hostel craziness level: fairly crazy
  • Parties on-site: Regular Parties Onsite
  • Hostel organised Pub Crawls: Yes

There is only one true party hostel in Chiang Mai, part of one of the biggest party hostels chains in the world: the bodega Chiang Mai party hostel. The other hostels are also very social and organise events and nights outs as well. Bodega is energetic and party-oriented, while the other two offer a more chill vibe. As bars close quite early in Chiang Mai, it’s not rare to have people hanging out at the hostel drinking and playing games.

Best Area To Stay in Chiang Mai for Nightlife

Nimmanhaemin or sometimes just Nimman for shorts is the best area to stay if you want to fully enjoy Chiang Mai’s authentic nightlife. Although if you are looking for a more backpacker kind of party, Old Town would be a better option. Nimmanhaemin, or more specifically the area around Nimman Road is an upbeat and modern area, full of trendy cafés, bars and clubs where students, young locals and ex-pats regularly hangout.

The Old Town, however, has a more international and backpacker vibe. Around Tha Phae Gate you can find most bars and clubs full of backpackers having a good time.

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Chiang Mai Party Guide

Chiang Mai is not as wild as other popular South East Asia destinations, but the nightlife here has a unique charm. Bars here are numerous and offer a lot of variety. You can find refined rooftop bars, reggae dive bars, jazz bars, crazy nightclubs and simple bars with just a few chairs outside with some locals enjoying a beer. Rooftop bars give you great views of the city with quality drinks. Costs can add up but the atmosphere can be worth it. Reggae bars are common all through South East Asia and are frequented by locals and tourists looking for a laid back vibe. Beer is the most common drink, as opposed to the buckets, the common choice along the Thai coast. You just need to try both Leo and Chang beers and choose the one you like best (we at partyhostels.org are team Chang!),

A recent trend in Chiang Mai, growing more and more every year, is live music venues and shows. Live performances can be easily found in bars and clubs. We recommend going to a jazz bar for a special experience. Other party options include riverside drinking. People here like to bring their drinks and have fun by the river. Restaurants and food stands are also open late into the night. So if you want a bite to eat after a drink you can get one easily. Again, just be aware that many of the bars in Chiang Mai close down by midnight. If you meet the right people, you might find some secret places that stay open till one am or two. Don’t worry, it is not too difficult, you just need to ask around.

Basic information about nightlife in Chiang Mai:

  • Pubs and clubs closing times:
    • Bars and pubs: Monday to Thursday until midnight – Weekends at midnight
    • Clubs: Monday to Thursday until 02:00 am – Weekends at 02:00 am
  • Average cover charge for clubs: No cover charge
  • Average price of a pint of beer: 1.15€
  • Famous neighbourhoods for partying: Nimman Road, Old Town
  • Famous events or parties: Yee Peng lantern festival – November

Chiang Mai Nightlife Areas

If There are three main areas that concentrate most Chiang Mai’s nightlife: Old Town, Nimman Road and the riverside.

If you are looking for a night out with a local and younger crowd, Nimman Road is located near the local college and is the new hype area in town. If you are looking for more established bars and clubs, with a more backpacker vibe, Old Town (especially around Tha Phae Gate) is where you want to go. If the high-intensity party scene isn't for you, riverside bars are a nice alternative to the other party locations.

Old Town

Old Town has some of the most renowned and historic bars in the area. You'll find the best drinks and the most unique places to party. While many of the bars close down early, there are still some places to dance the night away if you know where to look.

  • Zoe in Yellow is a collection of bars that are located in the area. There is a ton of variety in this venue. You have all kinds of music and a great club to dance in after the outside bar area closes down. People drink heavily here and the drinks come in bulk at a cheap price.
  • Lost Hut literally operates in a hut. This is a fun place to get a few drinks. With it's laid back atmosphere it's a great place to unwind. We recommend going during happy hour.
  • Spicy is one of the few clubs open all night in Chiang Mai. This place isn't the most reputable, it closed a few times, but if you want to party past midnight this is the place to be. A lot of tourists end up here looking for drinks around one in the morning.

Nimman Road

Nimman Road is an up and coming party area in Chiang Mai. New bars and clubs are being built in this area constantly. You'll find great music, good food, and tasty drinks in this area. The age group in this region is on the younger side, as the area is close to the local university.

  • Parrell Universe specializes in craft beer and offer a wide range of beers. They offer all the usual top brand brews, but also offer local microbrews and international brews. This is a trendy bar with a great vibe. Prices are a little higher than most of the establishments in the area, but they are worth the price. You get a great atmosphere with unique beer!
  • Rise Rooftop Bar is beautiful, relaxed and offers the best views in the city. The drinks are delectable but are said to be a little pricy.


Not everyone wants to be jammed into a club or a packed bar. Lucky for you, there is plenty to see and do outdoors and by the riverside in Chiang Mai. Here you can see live music, get all the drinks you want, and relax in the night air. Venues and bars located in this area tend to be open later so this is always a plus.

  • Bus Bar offers plenty of fresh air and great views of the river. You can order drinks in the two-story bus and enjoy the open-air environment. Drinks are cheap and the food tastes amazing.
  • Brasserie is another great riverside location. This location is a great location for music. A mix of jazz and old school rock is played in hang out. Drinks are always flowing here and the beer is cheap.

Party Tips For Chaing Mai

As we have mentioned before, Chiang Mai has some pretty strict city ordinances in terms of bar opening hours and alcohol, so be aware. This doesn't apply to every bar and club, but a lot of the major bars will close down at midnight. Riverside bars and some bars in Old Town stay open past midnight, so ask around and see which locations are open later. Also, some areas of the city are alcohol-free zones. This includes the surrounding area near Tapei Gate and the moat area. You could get fined if found consuming alcohol around these areas, so be careful. You could also get fined for littering so don't dump your alcohol containers on the ground. Another thing to know about Chiang Mai is that there are no cover fees. So don't pay anyone at the door. If they ask you for money to enter anywhere, you are probably being ripped off.