Best Party Hostels in Budapest

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Budapest, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Budapest is the birthplace of the party hostels as we know it. A beautiful jewel of culture and history of Europe, it is also famous for its thriving party scene, with Spa parties, ruin bars and plenty of nightclubs to go wild. On top of that, one of the biggest festivals in Europe, Sziget Festival, known as the European Burning Man and that is held every year in one of the islands of the Danube. Travelling solo or in a group, if you are looking for hostels where you can meet like-minded people looking to have fun in Budapest these hostels are the place to go! Friendly staff, fun atmosphere and plenty of organised activities to encourage guest socialising. Book now and prepare to unleash the fun in Budapest!

Our Choice of Best Party Hostels in Budapest

The Hive Party Hostel Budapest

The Hive Party Hostel Budapest is a trendy and vibrant hostel located in the heart of Budapest. With its 300 beds, it is the third-largest hostel in Budapest and one of the most popular ones.

This hostel is all about the party! With a club in the courtyard featuring live gigs and a private rooftop bar exclusively for guests, you'll have plenty of opportunities to dance the night away. The hostel's fantastic staff also organises various experiences such as pub crawls, sightseeing tours, daytime spa baths, night spa parties, and party boat cruises to ensure you have an unforgettable time in Budapest and make lifelong friends.

The location is unbeatable, with major attractions like St. Stephen's Basilica, The Great Synagogue, and the Castle District within easy reach, along with numerous bars and restaurants just around the corner.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests seem to appreciate The Hive Party Hostel Budapest for its lively party atmosphere and central location. Many guests mention the hostel's downstairs bar area, which is often described as lively and a great place to meet other travellers. The hostel's club and rooftop bar are also mentioned as popular party spots. However, some guests also mention that the noise from the bar can be loud and may affect sleep, as it stays open until late at night. Despite this, guests generally appreciate the friendly staff, clean facilities, and excellent location of the hostel. It is clear that The Hive Party Hostel Budapest is a popular choice for those who enjoy making friends, socialising, and experiencing the nightlife in Budapest.

Party Hostel Highlights:

  • Stylish hostel with an unbeatable location in the heart of Budapest
  • Courtyard club and private rooftop bar for exclusive guest parties
  • Organised pub crawls, sightseeing tours, and other experiences
  • Recognized as the 2nd best hostel for groups worldwide by Hostelworld

Vitae Hostel

Vitae Hostel in Budapest is the perfect party-oriented hostel for travellers looking for a sociable and fun atmosphere. Awarded the most popular hostel in Budapest in 2019 with the Hoscars, Vitae Hostel offers a welcoming experience with super helpful and friendly staff. The hostel is known for organising exciting activities such as party boats, ruin bar crawls, spa parties, open mic nights, backpacker parties, and more, making it a top choice for travellers seeking a lively party experience.

Entertainment options abound at Vitae Hostel, including a darts board, table football, guitar hero, Playstation 4, and Netflix with a projector screen, ensuring that guests are never bored. The staff are knowledgeable about Budapest and can provide recommendations for sightseeing and partying.

The dorm rooms at Vitae Hostel are clean, spacious, and secure, catering to both party-goers and those in need of rest. The hostel boasts dedicated common areas comprising over 60% of its floor space, providing ample opportunities for guests to meet and mingle with other travellers.

Guest Reviews Overview

The staff and volunteers are mentioned multiple times as being friendly, kind, and welcoming, creating a sense of community and making guests feel comfortable. The hostel is praised for its social environment, making it easy to meet people and make friends. Many guests highlight the nightly events and activities organised by the hostel, which introduce them to cool bars and clubs they wouldn't have otherwise known about. The hostel is also appreciated for its location and amenities, such as the balcony and entertainment options. Overall, guests describe Vitae Hostel as a fun and social hostel, suited for free-flowing, social travellers who are looking for a good time.

Party Hostel Highlights:

  • Awarded most popular hostel in Budapest in 2019 with the Hoscars
  • Dedicated common areas for socialising
  • Nightly events and dinners
  • Entertainment options including games, Netflix, and projector room
  • Knowledgeable staff for sightseeing and partying recommendations

Onefam Budapest by Hostel One

Onefam Budapest by Hostel One is the perfect place for solo travellers looking to connect, explore, and party in the vibrant city of Budapest! What sets this hostel apart is its amazing team and incredibly social atmosphere, which has earned them HostelWorld awards year after year. The staff are fellow travellers who are not just there to party, but also to take you on daytime adventures and share their expert knowledge of the city.

The hostel is ideally located, not only for exploring the city during the day, but also for stumbling back home after a night of partying. There are convenient facilities like a fully equipped kitchen, hostel bar, and common areas designed for different moods - to relax, work, or party. Personal lockers, outlets, and lights are available in all rooms, and there is no curfew, allowing guests to come and go as they please.

Guest Reviews Overview

The hostel's staff are praised by guests for their warmth, friendliness, and their ability to create a social and welcoming atmosphere. The drinking games, activities, and excursions organised by the staff and the volunteers, are highly appreciated by guests, making it easy to meet new people and make friends. The facilities, including the fully equipped kitchen, hostel bar, and common areas designed for relaxation or partying, were also mentioned to be well-maintained and great for socialising.

Party Hostel Highlights:

  • Day and night free activities with the H1 family
  • Hostel bar for socialising
  • Common areas designed for different moods

Island Hostel Budapest

Island Hostel Budapest is a fantastic party hostel located on the car-free Margaret Island, surrounded by nature, and offering a cheerful atmosphere that is perfect for party-loving travellers. The hostel's terrace, bathed in special lights and overlooking the Danube and the Parliament building, is an excellent spot for making memories and spending leisure time.

The hostel's facilities are designed to enhance the party experience. The fully equipped common kitchen is suitable for cooking, and there is also a grill and cauldron for outdoor cooking, perfect for hosting impromptu BBQ parties. The Stég Pub, located at the entrance of the hostel, offers dining and entertainment opportunities to guests with a 10% discount. The pub is open from March to October, providing a lively ambiance for socialising and meeting other travellers.

The accommodations at Island Hostel Budapest are practical and cater to the needs of party-goers. For those who enjoy cycling, bicycles can be rented at the reception, making it easy to explore the city and its surroundings.

Guest Reviews Overview

The receptionists are noted to be nice and helpful, and the hostel offers great prices for budget travellers. The location of the hostel is noted to be a bit inconvenient for getting around, but transportation is good, and the hostel offers a chill atmosphere. Some guests mention that the hostel may be better during the spring and summer months, when more attractions are open and the weather is nicer for walking around. Overall, Island Hostel Budapest is recommended for its affordability, cleanliness, and friendly staff.

Party Hostel Highlights:

  • Spacious terrace with special lights overlooking the Danube and Parliament building
  • Stég Pub with 10% discount for guests
  • Well-connected with trams and buses nearby, and bicycle rental available

Wombat's City Hostel Budapest

Get ready to dive head-first into the heart of Budapest's party scene at Wombat's City Hostel ! Situated right in the centre of the city, this hostel is a mecca for party enthusiasts looking to soak in the city's vibrant culture. Nestled just a stone's throw from the Deák Ferenc Tér metro station and surrounded by local eateries and pubs, Wombat's City Hostel ensures you won't miss a beat of Budapest's nightlife.

For those seeking an unforgettable party experience, Wombat's City Hostel pulls out all the stops. The womBAR boasts a dazzling array of drinks, and special nights come with enticing discounts that keep the energy flowing. Join fellow backpackers for exhilarating pub crawls, or gather around for lively conversations and games at various spots throughout the hostel.

Whether you're an avid partier or a curious traveller looking to join the fun, Wombat's City Hostel has it all. With its electric party atmosphere, prime location, and a wide range of amenities, Wombat's guarantees your Budapest stay will be nothing short of legendary.

Guest Reviews Overview

Wombat's City Hostel Budapest has captured the hearts of guests with its electrifying party atmosphere that keeps the good times rolling. The hostel's expansive kitchen is a hub for connecting over meals, while the massive common area sets the stage for unforgettable social events. Located in the beating heart of the city, guests appreciate the unbeatable convenience and the energetic staff who ensure the fun never stops. With daily events like party boats and pub crawls, young travellers find themselves in party paradise. From the exceptional value for money to the central location that keeps the party spirit alive, Wombat's is hailed as the go-to party hostel, leaving guests eager to return for more epic memories.

Party Hostel Highlights:

  • Unbeatable atmosphere at the heart of Budapest's party scene
  • Convenient location near metro station, restaurants, and pubs
  • The womBAR offers an extensive drink selection and special night discounts
  • Engaging group activities like pub crawls and social games

Carpe Noctem

Carpe Noctem redefines travel with an electrifying social experience that turns strangers into lifelong friends. Beyond its vibrant community, this isn't just a place to stay – it's a journey where every moment is a celebration.

Arrive expecting a hostel, and you'll be welcomed as if you're visiting a mate's place. The adventure begins with a cup of coffee, a precursor to the unforgettable nights that lie ahead. Rated the world's most fun hostel in 2009 and proudly maintaining that title, Carpe Noctem is a playground for sociable souls and solo travellers seeking a lively atmosphere.

Each night is a new chapter of exhilaration: dive into spirited pub crawls, belt out tunes at karaoke nights, and sway to live music. Days unfold with detailed city introductions, guiding you to the hottest spots for pubs, clubs, and culinary delights.

Cook up camaraderie in the fully equipped kitchen, as meals are shared and stories exchanged. Positioned amidst a bustling hub of pubs, cafes, and restaurants, the hostel's quiet cobbled street ensures peaceful slumber amidst the revelry.

Guest Reviews Overview

Guests rave about Carpe Noctem Hostel for its unbeatable party atmosphere that leaves them exhilarated. Staff, hailed as the heart of the hostel, igniting friendships among solo travellers. With a line-up of daily activities and themed nights, the fun never stops – from socialising to games, and unforgettable parties. The welcoming crowd, combined with the attentive staff, ensures everyone has a blast while making cherished memories. From the electric energy to the camaraderie and even playful moments, Carpe Noctem's dedication to a vibrant party experience stands out as an absolute winner.

Party Hostel Highlights:

  • Infamous for non-stop fun, retaining the world's most fun hostel title
  • Pub crawls, karaoke nights, and live music that ignite each evening
  • Expert-led city introductions for an epic nightlife experience
  • Nestled amid Budapest's pulse, while offering tranquillity on a quiet cobbled street

What are the best party hostels in Budapest?

Our choice for the best party hostel is The Hive Party Hostel Budapest . It is known for its energetic and lively atmosphere. With its central location, on-site bar, and organised pub crawls, The Hive Party Hostel offers an unforgettable party experience for travellers. Some of the other great options are Vitae Hostel and Hostel One Budapest . These hostels are known for their vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff. They offer communal dinners, bar crawls, and other social events that make it easy for guests to connect and have a memorable party experience.

What are party hostels like in Budapest?

Party hostels in Budapest are known for their energetic and sociable atmosphere. The staff at these hostels are typically enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the local party scene, organising pub crawls, drinking games, and other events to foster a fun and inclusive environment. Many party hostels in Budapest also have on-site bars or common areas where guests can socialise, enjoy drinks, and connect with fellow travellers. These hostels are perfect for solo travellers or small groups looking to make friends and immerse themselves in Budapest's renowned nightlife.

FAQ About Party Hostels in Budapest

Are Party Hostels in Budapest Safe?

Yes, party hostels in Budapest are generally safe for travellers. However, it's always important to exercise caution and take standard safety precautions, such as using lockers for valuables and being mindful of your belongings. It's also wise to follow the hostel's safety guidelines and instructions from staff. Like any other destination, it's important to be aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay.

Is Budapest Good for Nightlife?

Yes, Budapest is famous for its vibrant nightlife and is often considered one of the best party cities in Europe. The city offers a wide range of bars, clubs, and pubs that cater to different tastes and preferences. From ruin bars to rooftop bars, Budapest's nightlife scene has something for everyone, making it a top destination for party goers and nightlife enthusiasts. The city comes alive at night, offering a diverse and exciting nightlife experience for visitors.

Where is the main nightlife area in Budapest?

The main nightlife area in Budapest is the Jewish Quarter, also known as District VII. This neighbourhood is renowned for its vibrant and diverse nightlife scene, with numerous bars, clubs, and pubs lining the streets. Popular spots like Szimpla Kert, Instant, and Fogasház are located in this area, offering a unique and lively party experience with a mix of electronic music, live bands, and unique decor.

How much is a night out in Budapest?

The cost of a night out in Budapest can vary depending on your preferences and budget. Generally, Budapest is known for its affordable nightlife compared to other European cities. You can find reasonably priced drinks and entry fees at many bars and clubs in Budapest. On average, a night out at a bar or club in Budapest can cost between €10 to €30 for drinks and entry fees, depending on the venue and your consumption. However, prices can vary, and high-end or exclusive venues may be more expensive.

How many days do you need in Budapest?

Budapest is a city with a rich history and culture, and there are plenty of things to see and do. To fully explore the city and experience its attractions, a recommended duration for a visit to Budapest would be around 3 to 4 days. This allows time to visit popular landmarks such as Buda Castle, Fisherman's Bastion, Hungarian Parliament, and the thermal baths, as well as explore the vibrant nightlife, enjoy the local cuisine, and take in the unique atmosphere of the city. However, the length of your stay can be adjusted based on your interests and travel preferences.