Best Party Hostels in Barcelona

If you are looking for the best hostels to party in Barcelona, meet other fellow travellers, with sociable staff and organised events, these are the Party Hostels for you

Barcelona is a popular destination with a rich culture and history, but it's also known for its vibrant party scene. Whether you're travelling solo or with a group, these hostels are the perfect place to meet like-minded people and have a good time between sightseeing trips. With friendly staff, a fun atmosphere, and plenty of organized activities to encourage socializing, these hostels are the perfect place to let loose and enjoy all that Barcelona has to offer. Book your stay now and get ready to unleash the fun in this vibrant city!

All you need to know about Party Hostels in Barcelona

The best party hostels in Barcelona are:

  1. Kabul Party Hostel
  2. Sant Jordi Rock Hostel Palace
  3. St Christopher’s Barcelona
  4. Onefam Paralelo
  5. Onefam Sants

What are the Party Hostels in Barcelona like?

  • Party hostels style: proper party hostels
  • Craziness level: quite crazy
  • Parties on-site: On-site bar and on-site parties
  • Pub Crawls: yes

The party hostels in Barcelona are the perfect place for party lovers. Not only do they have on-site bars and parties, but the staff also organise great nights out for guests. They provide a space for travellers to meet each other and make new friends before taking a plunge into Barcelona's exciting nightlife. They might not be the best choice if you are looking for a good night's sleep.

Best Area to Stay in Barcelona for Nightlife

The best area to stay in Barcelona for nightlife is either the Eixample or the Gothic Quarter. Both of these areas boast a plethora of bars, pubs and clubs that cater to various tastes and party preferences. In the Eixample, partygoers can experience all the latest trends in dance music and party culture, while in the Gothic Quarter (and the nearby Born district) you'll find a more bohemian, sophisticated and hipster atmosphere. As they are both centrally located and with good connections, either of them would be a perfect place to stay to enjoy Barcelona's vibrant nightlife.

Best Party Hostels in Barcelona

Kabul Party Hostel

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 9.0
Average dorm price: 💶 19.00 €

Kabul party hostel is a party paradise for any traveller looking for an unforgettable experience in Barcelona. Located right off the famous Las Ramblas in Plaza Real, this party hostel offers guests a vibrant atmosphere and entertainment.

The rooftop terrace is sure to take your party spirit up a notch with its stunning views of Plaza Real and the great selection of bars and clubs in the area. The party continues late into the night with some awesome live music nights and pub crawls that are guaranteed to be memorable.

Overall, Kabul party hostel is a great place to stay and meet people; and it's designed to provide backpackers with both comfort and fun while they explore Barcelona's nightlife. With its amazing rooftop terrace, free walking tours, free breakfast, key card access, as well as its exceptional amenities and vibrant atmosphere, Kabul party hostel stands out as one of Europe’s top party hostels that welcomes travellers solo or accompanied by friends!

💖 Why we like it
Kabul is also on the list of the Top party hostels in Europe, and their rooftop terrace is really amazing

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Sant Jordi Rock Hostel Palace

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 9.2
Average dorm price: 💶 18.59 €

The party never stops at Sant Jordi Rock Palace! Whether you’re looking for a place to party until the wee hours of the morning or somewhere you can relax during the day, this party hostel has it all. Not only does it feature excellent amenities like a roof terrace with swimming pool, comfy beds and a modern kitchen, but it’s also got an awesome party atmosphere.

The staff is superb and makes sure everyone feels comfortable and is having fun. With events organised regularly, like its famed pub crawl and regular live music nights, it's a great hostel to meet other travellers and enjoy Barcelona.

Located right in the middle of the Eixample, there are plenty of places nearby to explore during the day and night, making Sant Jordi Rock Palace a great option to make the most of Barcelona! Definitely the best party hostel in town.

💖 Why we like it
Sant Jordi Rock is easily one of the best party hostels in Europe. The hostel attracts other party-loving travellers, which creates an awesome atmosphere.

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St Christopher’s Barcelona

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 8.7
Average dorm price: 💶 13.79 €

St Christopher's Hostel Barcelona is a party hostel that is located in the heart of the city. The hostel is clean, modern, and stylish, making it the perfect place to party and have a good time. Guests can enjoy the epic Belushi's backpacker bar, where they can receive discounts on food and drinks. The in-house entertainment team offers free daily welcome meetings that lead into nightly events such as cocktail masterclasses, paella cooking sessions, and beer pong competitions. These activities make it easy to make new friends and party the night away.

The hostel also offers live sports, pub crawls, and guest-list access to some of Barcelona's biggest beachfront nightclubs. So you are sure to enjoy Barcelona's nightlife to its fullest. The hostel has received high ratings from Hostelworld guests for its central location and its modern facilities, which include individual power sockets, personal lights, and private curtains on every bunk bed. Overall, St Christopher's Hostel is a great choice for travellers looking for a new-generation hostel experience in the heart of Barcelona.

💖 Why we like it
Belushi’s Backpacker bar is always a guarantee of good fun

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Onefam Paralelo

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 9.8

Average dorm price: 💶 34.00 €

Onefam Paralelo is a renowned party hotspot for those seeking a memorable social experience in Barcelona. Positioned conveniently near major attractions like Las Ramblas and Placa d'Espanya, this hostel is more than just a place to stay; it's a vibrant community hub for solo travellers aged 18 to 45. With its festive atmosphere and a calendar filled with activities, Onefam Paralelo ensures that every guest finds something exciting to do, day or night.

The hostel's proximity to Barcelona's efficient metro system makes it an ideal base for exploring the city's rich cultural scene and lively nightlife. Guests are often found mingling at the weekly family dinners or joining in on one of the many free activities offered, such as daytime adventures and city tours. The blend of expert local knowledge from the staff and the hostel's social events like cooking dinners together elevates the overall guest experience, making Onefam Paralelo a standout choice for party lovers and culture seekers alike.

💖 Why we like it

Onefam Paralelo not only offers a prime location and exceptional social activities but also fosters a genuine sense of community, making it a top destination for travellers looking to connect and party in Barcelona.

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Onefam Sants

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 9.8

Average dorm price: 💶 34.00 €

Onefam Sants is a thriving party hub for those looking to immerse themselves in Barcelona's festive atmosphere. Located just a 30-minute walk from the Sonar festival and close to the Badal metro station, this hostel offers easy access to some of the city’s top attractions like Passeig de Gracia and La Sagrada Familia. Guests rave about the warm and inviting staff, who are not only friendly but also eager to involve everyone in activities that showcase the best of Barcelona.

The hostel is renowned for its sociable environment, highlighted by free communal dinners and an array of organised activities that keep the party going. Whether you’re lounging on the rooftop terrace or joining a group for daytime adventures, there’s always something happening at Onefam Sants. The facility caters to budget-conscious travellers who are looking to connect and experience Barcelona’s renowned nightlife alongside new friends. With its blend of convenience, comfort, and vibrant social scenes, Onefam Sants is a top choice for solo travellers and groups alike.

💖 Why we like it

Onefam Sants not only provides a strategic location near major festival sites but also fosters a tight-knit community atmosphere with its staff-led activities and communal meals, making it a favourite among youthful travellers.

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Sant Jordi Hostels Sagrada Familia

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 9.6

Average dorm price: 💶 29.00 €

Sant Jordi Hostels Sagrada Familia is the ultimate skate-themed party hostel that captures the essence of Barcelona’s artistic and urban culture. Located just a 10-minute walk from the iconic Sagrada Familia and near key metro lines, this hostel is not only conveniently placed but also a hub of energetic activity. Its unique indoor skate room with a mini-ramp brings a distinctive twist to the usual hostel experience, appealing to both skaters and those interested in the local skate culture.

The hostel's atmosphere is charged with a youthful vibe, thanks to its sociable common areas and the engaging activities organised by the staff. These include unforgettable nights out at Barcelona’s trendiest bars and clubs, where all Sant Jordi Hostels' guests come together for vibrant social experiences. With its laid-back lounge, private patio, and large guest kitchen, Sant Jordi Hostels Sagrada Familia combines comfort with fun, offering more than just a place to stay but a place to live the Barcelona nightlife.

💖 Why we like it

Sant Jordi Hostels Sagrada Familia stands out for its creative skateboarding theme and its prime location that makes exploring Barcelona’s nightlife effortless.

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Sant Jordi Hostels Gracia

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 9.5

Average dorm price: 💶 33.00 €

Sant Jordi Hostels Gracia is a stylish Mediterranean retreat located in the heart of Barcelona's artistic Gracia district, known for its bohemian spirit and vibrant nightlife. This hostel is perfectly suited for travellers who seek a mix of relaxation and social activities in one of the city’s most hip neighbourhoods. From its modern common areas to its comfortable terraces, guests can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere during the day and prepare for energetic evenings exploring the local scene.

What sets Sant Jordi Hostels Gracia apart is its proximity to a myriad of bars, cafes, and art studios, allowing guests to immerse themselves in Barcelona’s trendy social life effortlessly. The hostel organises various fun activities, ensuring guests have both memorable nights out and relaxing days in. With excellent connectivity to major tourist attractions via metro and bus, it's a top choice for those looking to experience both the famous and hidden gems of Barcelona.

💖 Why we like it

Sant Jordi Hostels Gracia is celebrated for its unique blend of Mediterranean charm, strategic location in the artistic hub of Barcelona, and its vibrant atmosphere that caters perfectly to party enthusiasts.

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Yeah Hostel Barcelona

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 9.7

Average dorm price: 💶 35.00 €

Yeah Hostel Barcelona is a dynamic party destination for travellers seeking the ultimate Barcelona experience. Strategically located between the architectural marvels of Paseo de Gracia and the iconic Sagrada Familia, this hostel offers not just proximity to some of the city's top attractions, but a vibrant social atmosphere perfect for those looking to dive into the local nightlife. The bar area becomes a hub of activity at night, providing a lively scene for guests to mingle and enjoy themselves.

This hostel ensures that the party doesn't have to stop when you return from the city's famous nightlife spots. Yeah Hostel also offers organised walking tours and night tours, ideal for solo travellers looking to join in on group activities. The combination of great location, lively communal spaces, and thoughtful amenities make Yeah Hostel Barcelona a favourite among party-goers and culture enthusiasts alike.

💖 Why we like it

Yeah Hostel Barcelona excels in providing a perfect balance of party atmosphere and comfortable accommodations, all while being located near major cultural sites.

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Black Swan Hostel

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 9.4

Average dorm price: 💶 40.00 €

Black Swan Hostel is the ultimate party destination for travellers seeking a vibrant and unforgettable Barcelona experience. Perfectly situated between the iconic Arc de Triomf and bustling Plaça de Catalunya, this hostel provides an ideal setting for guests eager to dive into the city's famed nightlife. The location serves as a gateway to explore Barcelona’s cultural landmarks during the day and its electric party scene by night.

The hostel is renowned for its warm, sociable atmosphere, amplified by an array of planned activities that range from pub crawls to local music events, creating a perfect blend of fun and cultural immersion. The friendly staff are always on hand, offering insider tips to help guests discover the best of Barcelona’s entertainment and attractions. Black Swan Hostel combines stylish, comfortable accommodations with a lively social setting, making it a top choice for both solo travellers and groups looking to make new friends and create lasting memories.

💖 Why we like it

Black Swan Hostel is known for its prime location, fantastic social activities, and friendly atmosphere, making it a standout choice for party-loving travellers in Barcelona.

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Mediterranean Youth Hostel

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 8.6

Average dorm price: 💶 35.00 €

Mediterranean Youth Hostel is your gateway to an electrifying Barcelona experience, positioned conveniently in the heart of the city, close to iconic sites like Sagrada Familia and the vibrant Las Ramblas. This hostel is not just about providing a place to sleep; it offers a lively, engaging environment where travellers can fully immerse themselves in the local culture and nightlife. With its Mediterranean flair and proximity to major attractions, guests are perfectly placed to explore by day and party by night.

The hostel prides itself on its sociable atmosphere, boasting common areas that are perfect for relaxation and making new friends. With organised nightly outings to some of Barcelona’s trendiest bars and clubs, the fun never stops. Mediterranean Youth Hostel is designed for those who want to blend exploration with social interaction, making it an ideal choice for young travellers eager to experience Barcelona's famous nightlife.

💖 Why we like it

Mediterranean Youth Hostel stands out for its strategic location, vibrant communal life, and commitment to providing a true Barcelona experience through its daily activities and amenities.

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Unite Hostel Barcelona

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 8.1

Average dorm price: 💶 29.00 €

Unite Hostel Barcelona is a top choice for travellers seeking a dynamic mix of sun, music, and nightlife. Perfectly located in the trendy Olympic Village area, just minutes from the beach and close to some of the best seafood restaurants and nightclubs in Barcelona, this hostel provides an exceptional setting for an unforgettable stay. With a focus on music and creativity, it features unique amenities like an electronic music creation room, live DJ sessions, and even spaces for yoga.

The atmosphere at Unite Hostel is vibrant and social, designed to cater to music lovers and party-goers. Daily activities, both indoor and outdoor, ensure guests are fully engaged and entertained throughout their stay. The hostel boasts over 400 m2 of common spaces, including a chill-out zone, TV room, and a sun-drenched terrace. Whether you’re enjoying local cuisine at the hostel's bar/restaurant or exploring the city’s cultural offerings, Unite Hostel Barcelona offers a lively, welcoming environment perfect for young, enthusiastic travellers.

💖 Why we like it

Unite Hostel Barcelona stands out for its unique focus on music, spacious accommodations, and prime beachside location, making it a haven for creative and sociable guests.

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360 Hostel Barcelona Arts and Culture

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 8.9
Average dorm price: 💶 13.90 €

360 Hostel Barcelona Arts&Culture is an amazing hostel located in the heart of Barcelona. It is a great choice for those looking for an exciting, quality experience combining culture and party.

The hostel provides all of the amenities needed to party like a pro: spacious common areas where you can get to know your fellow guests; a fully equipped kitchen for preparing meals; comfortable beds for a good night's sleep; and excellent staff at the 24/7 front desk are knowledgeable and ready to help you explore the city's many attractions! They also organise a variety of activities to meet other travellers such as beach volleyball, free family dinners, and pub crawls.

Only a few steps away from Plaza Catalunya, El Born, and Arc de Triomf metro stations, the hostel is perfectly located to have an unforgettable experience in Barcelona's party scene. The 360 Hostel Barcelona Arts&Culture, with its friendly staff and great amenities, is definitely the place to stay if you're looking for an enjoyable nightlife experience in one of Europe's most vibrant cities!

💖 Why we like it
Great location and great amenities

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Bed and Bike Barcelona

Hostelworld rating: ⭐ 8.9
Average dorm price: 💶 15.84 €

Bed & Bike Barcelona Hostel is an ideal option for travellers who want to experience the vibrant nightlife of Barcelona and visit the city's top attractions. The hostel is located just a short walk away from iconic landmarks such as La Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, and Catalunya Square, making it an incredibly convenient choice.

But the real draw of Bed & Bike Barcelona Hostel is its fantastic atmosphere. With a friendly, familiar vibe and plenty of common areas and amenities, the hostel is the perfect place to meet other travellers and make new friends. And with a fleet of bikes available for rent, you can easily explore the city on two wheels and see all Barcelona has to offer.

The staff at Bed & Bike Barcelona Hostel is also a major plus – they are knowledgeable and helpful, and can provide you with all the information you need to make the most of your trip.

💖 Why we like it
Free pizza nights on Fridays and Free Sangria on Saturdays

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Nightlife in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city known for its vibrant nightlife, with options to suit all tastes. From tapas bars and hipster pubs to underground clubs and world-class DJs, there's something for everyone in the city's lively nightlife scene. Many travellers choose to stay in party hostels to make the most of their time in Barcelona.

One thing to keep in mind when planning a night out in Barcelona is that the party doesn't start until late in the evening. Bars and pubs don't get busy until around midnight, and clubs don't get going until 2:00 am or later. So be prepared for a late night out if you want to experience the best of Barcelona's nightlife.

To help you make the most of Barcelona's nightlife, we have put together this epic party guide. It includes all the best bars and clubs in the city, as well as insider tips and secrets to help you experience everything that Barcelona has to offer. Whether you're looking for a lively bar scene, trendy clubs, or hidden gems, this guide has you covered.

Basic information about nightlife in Barcelona:

  • Pubs and clubs closing times:
    • Bars and pubs: Monday to Thursday until 02:00am – Weekends at 03:00am
    • Clubs: Monday to Wednesday until 05:00am – Weekends at 06:00am
  • Average cover charge for clubs: from 5€ to 20€ (one drink included)
  • Average price of pint of beer: €3.90
  • Famous neighbourhoods for partying: Raval, Born, Gràcia, Eixample, Port Olímpic, Sant Gervasi – Santaló, Poblenou
  • Best area to stay in Barcelona for nightlife: Barrio Gótico (Born) o Gràcia
  • Famous events or parties: La noche de Sant Joan (Saint John’s Eve) on 23 th of June and Fiestas de Grácia (between 15 th and 20 th of August)

Best Party Areas in Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant city with a diverse range of party options to suit different tastes and preferences. With so many different areas and neighbourhoods to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to go. To make things easier, consider asking the staff at your hostel for recommendations based on the type of party you are looking for. Neighbourhoods like Raval, Born, Gràcia, Eixample, Port Olímpic, Sant Gervasi-Santaló, and Poblenou are all filled with cafes, bars, pubs, and nightclubs, so you're sure to find something that suits your tastes.

Gothic Quarter and Born district party scene

The Gothic Quarter, and in particular the area of Born, is considered the perfect place for trendy and fashionable people looking for restaurants, clubs, and cocktail bars. Despite its sophisticated atmosphere, the area has a warm and welcoming vibe. Trend-seekers will be delighted by the eclectic mix of people, including bohemians, nightlife enthusiasts, locals returning from work, and international visitors. Born is a neighbourhood that always has something new to discover, with its rich history and medieval structures. Whether you're looking for a great night out or a unique cultural experience, Born is the place to be.

Barrio de Gràcia and its party

Once you start exploring the streets of Gràcia, you'll come across intimate and charming bars that make the neighbourhood's nightlife full of surprises. A quick wander through Gràcia's streets is all it takes to feel the bohemian vibe that the people of Barcelona love so much. During the summer, especially in August, the biggest event in Gràcia takes place, turning the district into the epicentre of the city.

Eixample – aka Gaixample, where the party is full of harmony and tolerance

Located between Balmes Street, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes Street, Urgell Street, and Aragó Street, Eixample is home to many bars and clubs that are popular among the LGBT community. This area is filled with restaurants, entertainment options, and a wide variety of bars and clubs where freedom, harmony, and tolerance are the driving forces behind the party scene. Whether you're looking for a fun night out or a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, Eixample is the place to be.

The Area of Port Olímpic

The area of Port Olimpic in Barcelona is known for its vibrant nightlife and party scene. Located along the waterfront, this neighbourhood is home to many bars, clubs, and restaurants that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. During the summer, the area comes alive with beachgoers and partygoers, who flock to the beaches and clubs to enjoy the warm weather and lively atmosphere. In addition to its many bars and clubs, Port Olimpic also offers a range of other entertainment options, such as live music and DJs, making it a popular destination for both locals and visitors looking to experience the city's vibrant nightlife.

Sant Gervasi – Santaló

The neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi - Santaló in Barcelona is a hidden gem when it comes to nightlife and partying. While it may not be as well-known as some of the city's other party districts, this neighbourhood offers a unique and sophisticated atmosphere that is perfect for those who are looking to experience something a little different. With its intimate bars, trendy clubs, and chic restaurants, Sant Gervasi - Santaló is the perfect destination for those who want to let their hair down and have a great time without the crowds and noise of the city centre. So if you're looking for a more refined and laid-back party scene, Sant Gervasi - Santaló is the place to be.


If you're looking for a wild and wacky time, the neighbourhood of Poblenou in Barcelona is the place for you. This eccentric and vibrant neighbourhood is known for its lively party scene and quirky bars and clubs. From dive bars to rooftop clubs, Poblenou has it all. And with its laid-back atmosphere and friendly locals, you'll feel right at home no matter where you go. So grab your party hat and let's hit the streets of Poblenou - It's time to let loose and have a good time!

Dress codes & age restrictions

The dress code in Barcelona's nightclubs can vary depending on the specific club and the type of event being held. In general, however, the dress code in Barcelona's nightclubs is fairly relaxed and informal. Many clubs do not have a strict dress code, and people often dress in stylish but casual clothing, such as jeans, dresses, and skirts. However, some clubs may have a more upscale dress code, requiring more formal attire such as suits or dresses. It's always a good idea to check the dress code for a specific club or event before heading out for the night. You can also ask the staff at the hostel and they’ll be able to help you out.